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Ad of the Week: Cheesy Advertising

Maybe it's because I'm hungry or maybe it's my need for cheese, but this week's ad of the week is brought to you by Kraft Singles. Grilled cheese sandwiches are part of a food grouping I call: an American childhood staple. I grew up dipping my grilled-to-perfection, steamy-melted cheese sandwiches into a bowl of my mother's freshly home-made tomato soup (if you've never experienced a wonder like that, you're doing it wrong). Kraft has brought that memory back to us in .gif form. Now, as we frantically search for information on Yahoo, a savory image of a smokin' grilled cheese…
June 27, 2014
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Ad of the Week: Life, Death and Pre-Roll

We're going to start this blog entry with a heavy dose of honesty. We all hate pre-roll videos. I do. You do. Your grandma does. Besides ingrown hairs and hangnails, I'm relatively certain nothing in life is more annoying than being forced to sit through 15-30 seconds of nonsense, just to watch the two minutes of nonsense my heart was originally set on. And depending on which source you hold true to heart, upwards of 94% of YouTube viewers feel the same, electing to skip pre-roll ads for this very reason. Instead of avoiding the medium altogether, or dancing around…
December 6, 2013

Your Story 2.0

Chances are really good that you're not the same company that you were when you first built your website. Chances are equally good that the web and its users are different, too. At least that was true at HenkinSchultz. We continue to grow and change, evolving with the times, building a new website, integrating new technology into clients' marketing mix and employing the skills of knowledgeable strategists to plan and implement digital marketing plans that succeed online. That's why we wanted to build and launch a new website. This launch is also good time to introduce you to our digital…
October 15, 2013