Year Round Brown Promotional Graphics

Retail Marketing: Going Big, Glowing Brown

Year Round Brown knows their business. And HS has worked in retail marketing for years. In any retail marketing campaign, it’s important to understand the seasonality of it all. Memorial Day in South Dakota is always a bit of a roll of the dice, weather-wise. But for Year Round Brown’s yearly Memorial Day retail campaign, it’s a sure thing.

Their annual “Spring into Summer” sale is their biggest sale of the year, with their best offers of the year. After all, people who are itching to get outdoors also want to look good doing so. Our retail marketing campaign hit a lot of visual highs supported by other mediums:

  • In-store POP
  • Outdoor
  • Digital
  • Social
  • Radio

Using Digital to Promote Urgency

Facebook as a social media platform was a crucial element in the campaign. It was used to promote great deals. The immediate nature of social media is an excellent tool for delivering urgency “The Memorial Day Sale ends tonight and it’s your last chance to get that perfect sun-kissed glow at these low prices!”

Year Round Brown knows who their customers are and when they are most likely to engage with their business. To connect with them in a digital space, they used display ads to communicate specials and limited time promotions. One way we delivered these ads was through geofencing.

Geofencing delivers ads based on where your customer is located and what their web browsing behavior is. When combined with radio ads and social media, this gave Year Round Brown the opportunity to blast out promotions and gain a strong digital share of voice. Urgent messages included:

  • 50% OFF All Inclusive Spray Tan sessions
  • 50% OFF tanning minutes
  • 40% OFF all of your favorite tanning lotions, face serums, tan extenders, and self tanners

And because tanning is such a visual product, Year Round Brown takes great care in how they present theirs. They continue to trust HS to make big, bold and even glowing messaging and campaigns.

Year Round Brown Promotional Graphics
Year Round Brown Promotional Graphics
Year Round Brown Promotional Graphics
Year Round Brown Interior

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