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Vehicle Wraps – Advertise with Something You Do Every Day

You’re already driving for work or personal reasons. Why not advertise with a vehicle wrap?

Wrapping your vehicle is an affordable tool to advertise your business or organization. No matter the size, HS Sign Shop can wrap it. We’ve done cars, RV’s, trailers, semis and every other odd shape you would imagine. HS Sign Shop also manages the printing and production process totally in-house. That’s important to us, because when someone trusts us with their vehicle or fleet, we handle every detail with precision.

A Cost Effective Way to Advertise

So why wrap a vehicle or fleet of vehicles? One, it’s a very cost effective way to get your logo seen. It comes out to about 35 cents per 1000 views. And that total can add up to a lot more views if you are a frequent driver. In a lifetime, a vehicle can receive over 40,000,000 impressions. Two, it’s memorable. 97% of people remember ads placed on commercial vehicles. Three, it’s also professional. It projects an image of being trustworthy, reputable and serious about what you do.

Protect Your Vehicle and Update its Look

Need even more reasons to consider a vehicle wrap? The vinyl material used to wrap vehicles actually protects your vehicle’s original coating. It serves as a barrier to outside elements that can damage your car. That translates to better resale value when you trade in or sell.

Vinyl wrap appears almost seamless but it can also be easily removed. Yes, wraps are an affordable way to advertise, but a lot of vehicle-lovers use us too. Wrapping is a simple way to upgrade your car’s design. A dated design on an RV? We can update it. Unsightly chrome or trim? That can be covered. A strange racing stripe on your trailer? We can design something more personal.

Ask our team of graphic designers and large format specialists about the endless options for wrapping your vehicle. Make a great impression and increase your impressions.

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