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An Event Over 40 Years in the Making

Since 1980, SME has held the popular Women in Business event to honor area women who leave their mark on the business world. The event has evolved to include a trade fair, educational sessions, and an evening program featuring the Women of Excellence Awards and inspiring keynote speakers.

SME approached HS to give the design and branding of Women in Business a refresh to better reflect the vibrant and empowering nature of the event. Our design focus was on transforming the logomark “WIB” into something bold, clean and attention grabbing.

The mark we landed on has a flower-like W and a geometric I and B. Overall, it felt fun, fresh and new, while remaining professional.

In addition to design, we looked for ways to incorporate design and interaction throughout every touchpoint of the event. From projected images and event posters, to floor talker signage and uplifting messaging, HS created a brand worthy of the women leaders we celebrate.

Floor Graphics