Transforming the Future While Honoring the Past

In an age of unprecedented growth and an ever changing society, it takes a team effort to showcase what makes our city’s business community stand out–and what will push society forward as a whole. HenkinSchultz was tasked with producing the Annual Chamber Meeting, like it has before, all while bringing something new, forward-thinking, and memorable to the table.

The key to kicking off an event is to create an atmosphere that is appealing, both visually and emotionally. By blending live and pre-produced elements, including a talented vocal performance of “Star Spangled Banner,” the event captured everyone’s attention from the get-go.

Every speaker throughout the night was given a noteworthy entrance, highlighted by branded stage displays and video elements that were informative, inspiring and entertaining–both in-person and online.

And lastly, we helped convey the innovative and marketing-related message of Mike Walsh, a futurist who has written on how to be a business leader by embracing technological and societal changes.