Imagination Takes Center Stage

Anyone who’s ever tackled live event production will tell you it’s never an easy task to pull of. There are thousands of variables between light, sound, electrical, weather and general human error. The Sioux Falls Chamber knows this too and once again trusted us to help open their 112th annual meeting. The theme was centered on “Inspiration and Imagination.”

Matthew Luhn was the evening’s featured speaker, sharing insights and inspiration from over 20 years of creating stories and characters at Pixar Animation. Luhn focused on the importance of telling a great story and reminded us that stories are what people really remember. A good story takes you on a journey and gets you to care about the characters involved. It’s also essential to business, growth and of course, Sioux Falls.

With a name from Pixar in the house, the pressure was on to create something visually beautiful and memorable. Producing shows like this often take an entire year to concept and plan — all for two and half minutes of spectacle. But our design and production team love doing them. What’s more, as members of the Sioux Falls’ business community, we feel it’s very important to promote it. That’s why, even after the show, they are busy brainstorming the next one.

For this year’s show, we enlisted a live conductor directing the prerecorded Augustana University Orchestra. We mixed in additional live elements and additional video effects. A live college choir joined in the fun, as did an on-stage rock guitarist and even a saxophonist. That’s right, we added a saxophonist to an orchestra. That is not your typical woodwind.

What makes live production so rewarding is not only the challenge, but the combination of things it takes: creativity, technical skills, pre-production, animation, video, audio, partnerships…and a little imagination.