We’re The Bank. We’re Your Bank.

When Security First Bank and HS first began working together, our research told us that their customers had a very strong bond with their hometown bank. In many cases, Security First Bank was the only bank in town.

To them, it was not just a financial institution. The bank was a source of pride. The bank was a neighbor. And the bank was even a gathering spot. HS launched the “We’re the Bank” campaign to embrace and explain the very special relationship–and responsibility–of being “The Bank”.

Our Rapid City and Lincoln television spots helped reintroduce Security First Bank in competitive markets, explaining what it means to be the bank, why they don’t take their customers or relationships lightly, and how their small-town roots benefit all customers.

In addition, HS helped create several complimentary explainer videos, highlighting the various features of their cards, online applications and customer service options.

Because that’s just what you do when you’re “The Bank” in town.

SFB mockup