Testing the Waters

During the fall of 2017, the South Dakota Department of Agriculture wanted to rebrand with a new logo that better matched its mission. Serving one of the larger states in the country, the Department of Agriculture wanted to find a logo that spoke to people across South Dakota.

Before unveiling the logo, the Department of Agriculture wanted to conduct market research to make sure residents liked it. That’s when it approached HenkinSchultz to help find out what people thought of it.

HenkinSchultz created an online survey that targeted more than 1,000 residents across the state to find out their opinion. We prompted people to share their feedback on the image of the new logo, asking them to rank it on a pre-determined scale.

The survey appeared across a network of different websites to ensure a wide range of responses. And after only a few days, HenkinSchultz gathered data from 1,011 respondents and began to analyze the results.

The findings showed that a strong majority of everyone surveyed liked the new logo, with 18-44 year olds responding most positively to it. This feedback from actual residents gave the South Dakota Department of Agriculture confidence to then unveil its new logo statewide.