Using Market Research To Improve A Product Launch

When Screenflair—a new smartphone accessory company—was about to launch in the fall of 2017, it wanted to conduct in-depth market research that would help reveal its target consumer and how to best reach them.

Screenflair asked HenkinSchultz to conduct in-person focus groups that would give the accessory company beneficial product and marketing information.

Specifically, what Screenflair wanted most was to learn what consumers thought about the product, price, and ease of use, as well as receive in-depth opinions from different demographic segments.

HenkinSchultz went to work recruiting participants, developing an agenda and questions, and eventually moderating multiple interactive focus groups. The main goal of each focus group was to engage the participants in a healthy discussion and make them feel comfortable giving honest feedback.

At the conclusion of the focus groups, HenkinSchultz put together a detailed list of recommendations for product and messaging improvements. The list included suggestions on product size, instructional language, pricing, and message prioritization.

By conducting market research prior to launching, Screenflair was able to gather valuable insights on pricing and product positioning. This helped craft its overall branding and marketing strategy, and led to a more successful product launch for the company.

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