Encouraging the Sioux Falls Experience While Prioritizing Safe Travel

Observational research aims to deliver qualitative data, or non-numerical data, that observes how employees or customers interact in real time. This provides valuable information on things such as:

Is every customer greeted upon entering a retail store?
What path does a customer take when in a retail store or business?
What is their waiting experience like?

Call it a pop-quiz, secret shopping or performance audit. By any name, observational research gives you the most accurate snapshot of how your business and employee interactions are performing.

HenkinSchultz has conducted observational research for a number of businesses.
Recently, we were tasked with doing an audit of a company’s COVID protocols. HS visited multiple locations to observe the behaviors of employees, administration and visitors.

We noted the prevalence of mask wearing, social distancing, screening stations, hand sanitizer and observed other behaviors. The company aimed to learn if their own policies were being regularly practiced. And while we were able to report generally good compliance, we were also able to identify areas for improvement.

The result is a robust reporting, or observation analysis, that notes all specific observations and helps businesses assess and adjust their own operations and policies. This type of unbiased research ultimately benefits not just the business, but the experience of the customer, too.