Sowing the Seeds of a Brand Rebirth

Midwest Seed had been out of the seed business for eleven years. When they decided to jump back in, they wanted a logo that honored their history.

We pulled the four diamond shapes from the original design. Assembled together, they resembled a horizontal ear of corn. They also represented plots of American farmland where the yellow symbolizes “the home 40.” HS built the new logo, but Midwest Seed really built the back story.

What started as a simple logo refresh, not only became a seed hat design – but a company wide rallying cry. The logo mark itself has become a tool for the sales and ownership team. With it, they use the four elements to describe “The Midwest Way” – each representing one of four core values that make up their mission.

Their entire team has embraced the logo and we have since gone on to develop it for a number of other applications. The Midwest Seed mark is now seen on billboards, business cards, hats, brochures, folders, sales sheets, online and more. A relaunched design of their iconic seed bags is in production too.

Midwest Seed and its brand relaunch is an excellent example of honoring company history, while propelling a new company vision moving forward.