Midwest cap

Midwest is so much more than seed.

If you’re in the seed business, you know Midwest Seed Genetics is about a lot more than seed. The relaunch of this time-tested company demanded their story be retold and why they returned to this trusted brand in the first place.

Every piece created for Midwest underscores their old-school work ethic and values: quality, integrity, service, performance, trust and fun. These values are a mantra for their employees. But it was important to tell their customers how the values translated into benefits for them.

The branding work was integrated into all touchpoints of their business including: binders, billboards, business cards, signage, logowear, sales materials, print ads, social media and everyone’s favorite backyard game: corn hole. Yep, we even designed corn hole boards for those more informal client meetings. But most importantly, we helped them articulate their voice.

By leaning into their old-school of business mentality, Midwest actually comes off as cutting edge among their competition. They’re not lost in big corporate bureaucracy or shareholder agendas. They’re agile, people-driven and obsessed about delivering the goods while delivering a good time doing it. Their materials look and sound like they actually act.

As their belief book says: Agriculture is an all-consuming life of hard work, persistence and sacrifice. It’s not easy. But working with us should be easy – and fun. Fun unlocks new value, discovers new ideas and creates lifetime memories. Fun sparks business growth and allows us all to have a good laugh now and then.

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