Welcome to Music City

Every year, Midwest Seed gathers their customers to a new destination. Together, they listen to speakers and thought leaders, bond, network and have a great time seeing the sights. They call this group “Funseekers”.

In January 2019, the Funseekers met in Nashville, Tennessee and HS was tasked with branding the event and welcoming the group to The Music City. To prepare, we concepted a theme and logo, developed a welcome book, signage, greeting cards, custom stamps, powerpoint, t-shirts, special inserts and more.

Our graphic design team wanted to truly capture the essence of Nashville. The core of the initial concept was to design the Funseekers welcome book to look like an outlaw country album. It not only gave the event an authentic feel. It also suited Midwest Seed and the Funseekers – as you could say they’re outlaws in their industry, too.

It was a tight timeline to deliver all of the marketing materials. And we have no shame in saying, we divided and conquered with the help of our client. We were busy designing and printing. And they were buying materials, planning and assembling. That kind of collaboration is essential to design and execution.

The design concept is also an excellent example of how HS can pivot as a company. We originally intended to make Funseekers its very own free standing brand identity. But as art directors dove into the graphic design, some things became apparent. Funseekers and Midwest Seed are going to continue to evolve. And perhaps the Funseekers design should evolve to reflect the spirit of each future trip too.

Whether the Funseekers take to an island paradise or a great American city, HS looks forward to designing to reflect their next destination.

“We appreciate that the team at HS challenges us to think beyond the expected. We didn’t look at this as developing marketing material. Rather, we looked to see how we could create an end-to-end experience that moved people in a deeper way.”

Dan FunkMidwest Seed Genetics Marketing Director