Lutheran Social Services Logo

LSS is a valuable asset to South Dakota communities. They touch the lives they serve with a variety of services statewide, including adoption services, counseling, education, child care, independent living and so much more. LSS not only has the heart to serve, but they also have the infrastructure to do so.

They live out the following principles because it’s truly who they are: compassionate, appreciative, respectful, ethical and strategic. Not only does HS believe in LSS’s mission, we have enjoyed creating for an organization who does so much good. Our job is to get the message out. And with a wide array of services, that can be a challenge.

But it’s a challenge we happily accept. In addition to creating graphic assets for special events and fundraising campaigns, we have designed billboards, print and digital ads. This also included a logo transition from their traditional Lutheran Social Services to LSS.

Furthermore, each service line can be identified by each group of colors in their pallet. It’s a subtle design thing that really focuses on the hope that LSS brings to each individual.

All in all, we strive to be a valuable partner in spreading awareness for the services they provide to people of all ages, races, faiths.

LSS Billboard with Emphasis Design Principle
Lutheran Social Services Brochure
Lutheran Social Services Brochure
Lutheran Social Services Flyer with Repetition Design Principle