Levitt Pavilion – The Sounds of Progress Campaign

As the marketing partner for Friends of Levitt Shell Sioux Falls, the HenkinSchultz team worked with the nonprofit to create an integrated marketing campaign that would help raise the necessary capital. Our marketing agency created a variety of campaign materials for this fundraising initiative, including:

• Logo Design
• Marketing Collateral
• Website
• Campaign Theme/Strategy
• Chamber Community Appeals
• Digital Strategy
• Media Plan

All of the marketing materials clearly explained the importance of this campaign to potential community donors. The printed and digital materials used bold graphic design in order to generate interest in this very important cause. They also used vibrant images full of movement and energy in order to show the positive impact it would have on residents’ lives.

The HenkinSchultz team also reinforced the positioning line “Building Community Through Music” with relevant facts and figures about how the project would benefit Sioux Falls. The Levitt opened in 2019 and recorded record attendance numbers in its first year.

Levitt Website