Interior Interstates

Interior Displays Make a Powerful Impression

When any person walks into your business or institution, it’s important to make a great first impression. We all know that. An interior display can elevate the perception of your company.

We’re not just talking a logo or an awards case anymore. Your interior display can be an evolving work of art. The options are limited only by the imagination.

Reasons to Build a Display

There are lots of reasons why you may choose to build a display. Whether you’re just looking to use a space as a canvas or you have a more specific purpose in mind, here are just a few of the different types of displays we can design and build:

  • Donor Recognition Wall
  • Timeline or History Displays
  • Logo
  • Mission Statement
  • Directional Displays
  • Interior Design as Art
  • Branding Elements

No matter the nature of your business or organization, customers spend a lot of time in your lobby, your hallways, waiting rooms or meeting spaces. Make the most of those spaces with a professionally designed interior display.

How the Design Process Works

HS Sign Shop designers and installation experts take great pride in the work they do. Before anything is designed or built, we make a site visit. Our goal is always to create something that really fits into the environment you already have.

We want to see the space and learn as much about your organization as possible. Once we understand your mission and purpose, we go to work building a design that will make the impact you desire.

It’s a very collaborative process. Often times, our clients have an idea in mind. Our designers then work with clients to bring their vision to its fullest potential. In other cases, we concept from scratch to fill the blank canvas clients wish to fill.

In any case, there are no surprises in the process. HS Sign Shop meets with you to determine your vision, we mock-up the display design concept, revise and then begin fabricating. This may involve any of number of materials: steel, glass, vinyl, composite and so much more.

Our team is attentive to every detail, from consultation to installation. Check out some of the displays we’ve created and talk to us if you have an idea for your space.

Interior Avera
Interior Interstates Wall
Interior Avera wall
Horizon Healthcare mural