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Healthy and Natural Goes Digital

Healthy Ponds already had a great, all-natural pond treatment product line. They approached us in search of a new brand, new website and new digital strategy.

After discovery and establishing a new logo, we focused on digital marketing. The goal? Increase ecommerce revenue. We dove into their site data and analytics to determine where we could increase traffic and sales. We were also conscious of how we could do so without increasing costs to customers.

Using Google and Bing search ads, SEO and social media we prioritized how we communicated. We sought to reach the right audience segment at the right time, with the right message. We also used HubSpot to engage previous customers on their past purchase behavior. We learned lots of people were only purchasing one time. How could we overcome that hurdle?

To increase sales per transaction, we worked with Healthy Ponds to develop product bundles. We also emphasized the importance of using the “3-step” process. The 3-step process demonstrates how the products excel when used together.

This product strategy increased the average number of products purchased per transaction. It also increased customer satisfaction by delivering better treatment results. In 2018 average shopping cart total per transaction increased by 14%. Read more on the case study here.

Healthy Ponds on computer
Healthy Ponds on phones
Healthy Ponds on computer

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