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Fitness is a Great LIFEstyle

In the beginning of their journey, GreatLIFE and HS spent a lot of time educating the public. Who were they as a company? How does a golf and fitness membership work?  What are the logistics of locations and signup?

We used television, radio, print, billboard, direct mail, digital, public relations and event marketing to not only sell the price point and benefits, but also keep the GreatLIFE brand at top-of-mind. Since then, we’ve:

  • Added over 35,000 members
  • Grown from 4 golf courses to 22
  • Increased from 2 gyms to 16
  • Achieved 165% increase in new website users from 2017 to 2018
  • Delivered 67% increase in pages per session

We’ve spent a lot of time on memberships, metrics and numbers. And while these are all still very important, GreatLIFE’s awareness in the community has allowed us to do some new things. For example, this year we launched a dramatic lifestyle branding video.

The video has no voiceover and no direct sales points. It simply features the determination a member feels. It highlights the rewarding joy of going to the gym – and thus underscoring the GreatLIFE.  As we continue to add locations and educate, it’s also important to demonstrate the emotional payoff of a fitness lifestyle.

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