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Now Hiring – Helping Hire Rock Stars

Holiday Gas Stop has 19 locations across South Dakota and Minnesota. That means a lot of hiring. HS has helped The Gas Stop for years, doing everything from signage to promotions. So when it came time to recruit some more rock stars, they came to us.

We knew it was an exceptional place to work. We also knew the company placed a high value on their employees. But how do you connect the dots? We developed the theme “Now Hiring Rock Stars” to emphasize the company’s attitude toward work and workers.

We wanted hiring prospects to know they were applying for a fun place, but a place that would also challenge them. And when on the job, The Gas Stop would treat them like rock stars and expect rock star performance.

HS digital team used the website, radio, display ads, SEO and paid search to drive prospects to the careers portion of the website. There, they could easily apply online and see all the perks and rewards of a career with the company.

Grow with us at Gas Stop

Just like digital is always evolving, our hiring recruitment efforts have evolved too. One of the benefits of being a great place to work is the fact you have happy employees. We featured testimonials from actual employees telling their stories and inviting new hires to “Grow With Us.” Testimonials included:

“My job quickly turned into a career as I was promoted twice in 1.5 years. Come grow with us at The Gas Stop! ”

-Derek H.

“Gas Stop is such a fun, family-oriented company, where teamwork is #1.”

– Sheila V.

The Gas Stop continues to be a great place to work – and a great place to stop for your morning coffee.

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Gas Stop
Gas Stop

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