A Message People Really Needed to Hear

Feeding South Dakota has been around for a long time. But during the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the food needs of South Dakotans were even greater. Feeding South Dakota had to find new ways to innovate, reach out and deliver to those in need.

Several challenges existed. Besides a rising need for food, Feeding South Dakota had to consider new ways to promote their services and presence to those who were unaware. HS created a PSA focusing on the most basic of human needs: “I need food.”

As we filmed around neighboring food distribution points, we saw the long lines and real human toll first hand. We wanted to best communicate that Feeding South Dakota aspires to find and help you, even when you may not have the means to find them.

The PSA was timely in that many people were staying home while the need was high, knowing even those with food insecurity have technology and mobile devices. It was accompanied by additional videos describing Feeding South Dakota partners and how to best connect with them for additional resources.

Together, we aimed to communicate their mission: Help. Connect. Serve.