Encouraging the Sioux Falls Experience While Prioritizing Safe Travel

Experience Sioux Falls came to HenkinSchultz with a challenge, showcase our city as an active travel destination for couples, families and empty nesters. We also aimed to reach convention planners and invite businesses to consider holding their future events here. The goal was to feature the city’s many outdoor and indoor attractions, while still prioritizing safe travel.

The campaign began by looking at the unique elements of what makes Sioux Falls special. With events, concerts, date nights, breweries and new boutiques opening every day, we landed on the tagline “Up to Something,” invoking intrigue in our new travel market.

There was additional pressure to complete the creative and media by the end of 2020, so HS creative team poured through thousands of files of footage and photography to find the imagery that best defined the Sioux Falls experience. The goal was to create ad executions as vibrant and as varied as our city. It was all hands on deck to collaborate on every element from creative to media placement.

Our consumer campaign targeted over a million and half households based on their lifestyle, demographic and interests. But we had a business target, too. We created a second campaign targeting convention and trade show organizers, promoters of arts and sporting events and various large companies.

Experience Sioux Falls digital presence of search, programmatic display, native, radio and OTT/CTV ads worked in combination with traditional media, serving ads to our defined target markets. Together, we expanded Sioux Falls visibility nationwide in Minneapolis, Denver, Kansas City, Des Moines, Omaha and more.