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Launching and Learning

HenkinSchultz has been instrumental in launching countless businesses. To help one local client launch, we recently conducted a thorough digital analysis of their brand. Our goal was to gain insights into their competitors’ online performance.

Their market was crowded and very competitive. In addition, they were a very familiar name in some cities. In others, they were a brand new entity. No two markets were exactly alike. This meant we had to inspect a lot of variables.

We inspected their social media, PPC, and SEO performance. We summarized key takeaways on what they were doing well and where they could grow their performance. Our analysis was based on industry benchmarks, time spent on specific platforms, and competitor performance.

The analysis evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the competition in order to formulate a digital strategy with a distinct advantage. We knew we couldn’t outspend our competition. So we set out to outsmart them. This would help our client be much more competitive among the audiences they were seeking out.

Our insights helped our client understand who their competitors were in different digital spaces. It also helped them identify which strategies were working. That way, we could continue to leverage those strategies into the future.  And of course, we always look to correct the areas that underperform.

Some of the things we measure and analyze

  • Ranking total engagements against competitors engagements
  • Total Facebook likes, reactions and shares
  • Other social media presence
  • Estimated digital spend from competition
  • Organic keywords and keyword phrases
  • More

By conducting this research, we were able to maximize our client’s digital efforts. We were able to position them to compete and win against others with much larger budgets.

analysis graphics
analysis graphics