CorTrust Bank

Fun Financial Education on Home Equity

CorTrust approached HenkinSchultz with the challenge of convincing customers to consider a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) loan.

For any direct mail effort to stand out amid clutter, it must obviously capture attention. But a HELOC is also an unfamiliar loan to many people, so we knew we had to educate, too. A HELOC loan allows customers to use the equity they already have in their home to pursue things like:

• Home improvements
• Education or career training
• A new vehicle
• Debt consolidation
• And more…

Say Hello to HELCO Marketing Puns

In order to convince customers of the benefits of a HELOC, we had to first introduce them to the product and allow them to dream a bit on how they could use it. We invited them to say “Hello to the Possibilities,” to in fact, say “Hello HELOC.”

We wanted to underscore the word HELOC in a clever treatment, making it part of their vocabulary. So, we used the word in fun ways that tied the loan to the dreams it could be used for.

HELOCupation – A smart way to finance college or career training
HELOCuppancy – A smart way to finance home additions for your growing family
HELOCsmithing – Unlocking your finances to set you free from high-interest debt

By using a fun play on the word, we made an unfamiliar concept, familiar. We also emphasized that it was a smarter way to take out a loan, because it uses equity you already have. It’s generally lower interest and less risk.

Using CorTrust’s signature purple color, the direct mail pieces featured fun icons, people in action, a list of possibilities to consider and a direct call to action.