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CNOS of Dakota Dunes, South Dakota consists of a group of highly talented specialists providing medical treatments and preventative services for bones, joints, muscles, nerves and the brain. Their areas of focus include neurology, neurosurgery, podiatry, rheumatology, sports medicine, spine and orthopedics.

Their goal is delivering exceptional care — close to home — for the Sioux City area and region that includes South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska. They are in the business of improving health. HS has helped position CNOS as the regional leader and tailor specific creative messaging to their various specialties and audiences.

Promoting CNOS Specialty Health Services

Most recently, HS was tasked with promoting CNOS’s surgery alternatives. While CNOS certainly has skilled surgeons, they also have less invasive surgical alternatives that are suitable for many patients. The challenge for HS was to market both and appeal to each subset throughout our strategy.

Using a similar headline structure to our previous campaigns, HS marketing strategy developed “Surgery when you need it. Alternatives when you don’t.” Emphasizing surgery and alternatives positioned CNOS with a wider scope of capabilities.

In every execution, we wanted to be aspirational in our messaging, showing the fun activities you can participate in when treated and healthy.

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cnos ad in magazine