Informative Marketing for Specialty Healthcare

CNOS offers a wide range of orthopaedic and specialty health care services to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate pain in your bones, joints, muscles, spine and nervous system.

Like every other business and brand adjusting to the COVID crisis, they knew they needed to educate patients about all of their options. CNOS performs surgeries, but they also offer other alternatives for those who don’t require surgery.

Our task at HenkinSchultz was to inform patients of all their options “moving forward” and assure them safety was of the highest priority.

Moving Forward with Safe Treatment Options

Move Forward with safe treatment options was not only a call to action about their future care, it also emphasized the challenges of pain that may be holding people back. We executed the campaign with:

• Digital Media Ads
• Print Advertisements
• Television Ad Spots

The advertisements showed life in motion and the desired result of better care. They also highlighted the options of virtual visits using telehealth – and the safety of their office, if an in-person visit was required.

Even as people suffered through the new realities of distancing and healthcare, we aimed to make sure they didn’t have to suffer with pain. And that CNOS is still here in a variety of ways to help people move forward.

CNOS ads
CNOS ads on phone
CNOS ads