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Bat Out of Hell–The Musical Finds Its Niche Through Digital Targeting

As a new show on the famous Las Vegas Strip, Bat Out of Hell–The Musical presented HS with a challenge—find the right target demographics for the show and reach those users where they are.

Our strategists put their noses to the grindstone and diligently researched consumer behaviors to craft a comprehensive digital plan, covering all bases of a decision-making journey.

We utilized a wide variety of tools, methods and platforms, including journey mapping, geofencing, retargeting, SEO, search, and social media. This gave us the opportunity to effectively increase awareness among our audience and move them through the marketing funnel, ultimately driving people to purchase tickets to the show.

With our creative assets, we tested a wide array of positioning lines and design elements to increase ad performance while maintaining the show’s brand. Furthermore, we came up with a dynamic organic content strategy for our social pages to increase fan loyalty, focusing on BTS videos and cast features.

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