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New Website for the New Bank in Downtown Sioux Falls

American Bank & Trust has been around for over 125 years. With origins tracing back to Alpena, South Dakota, they have a solid history of assets, reputation and service. They’re no stranger to South Dakota. But until recently, they were mostly a stranger to Sioux Falls. As American Bank & Trust descended upon their newest destination, HenkinSchultz was invited to the flight.

HS was tasked with launching their two initial Sioux Falls locations – and relaunching the brand. While we prepared direct mail, community events, digital ads, newspaper and more, we are also overhauling their website design and all its resources.

One of the challenges to the American Bank & Trust website was to make sure it was as sophisticated as their new prime locations. They also wanted to make sure they stayed true to their small town roots. The goal was to make it as hard-working as the people they serve. What resulted was a feature-rich website that is both big city and small town.

If you’re a person just looking for a different checking account, you can find it. If you’re an ag customer looking for loans or crop insurance, you can find it. If you’re a business looking to expand or streamline, you can find resources for that too. The site is content packed, but also very easy to navigate. It incorporates their updated brand while still being small town approachable.

We know that American Bank & Trust team strives to add value and expertise to every customer interaction. HS’s website team strives for that too.

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