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The Value of Digital and Digital Research

American Bank & Trust knows a lot about South Dakota, agriculture, business and its customers. What they didn’t know was how to break into the Sioux Falls market – specifically, marketing in Sioux Falls.

HenkinSchultz prepared direct mail, community events, digital ads, newspaper and so much more. We also overhauled their website design and all its resources. But one of the most substantial things we did was use digital tools to examine American Bank & Trust, its competition and its consumer behaviors.

Digital isn’t just a term for online presence, display ads or social media, it is a very effective tool for discovery: learning about the competition, why customers do or don’t do things, and learning what we need to do to motivate behavior.

What we learned in our digital research was that American Bank & Trust was doing pretty well in terms of their online presence. They were spending more than some competition, less than others. Likes and user engagement were both generally performing well too.

HenkinSchultz set out to find more customers who matched the profile of those customers already engaging. We also looked for the reasons why some digital efforts were performing better than others.

Armed with knowledge, we were able to adapt, adjust and spend more efficiently. As the banking footprint in Sioux Falls continues to expand, so will we seek to grow American Bank & Trust.

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abt digital page on tablet

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