PinPoint Marketing Automation

The Cure for the Common Cold Call

The goal of every organization is a healthy bottom line. If the common cold call isn’t getting you more sales, PinPoint Marketing Automation is your prescription for success.

PinPoint Marketing Automation is a suite of digital tools from HenkinSchultz that lets you engage potential customers through the entire lifecycle. Informed by data gathered through each interaction, PinPoint identifies leads and streamlines the sales process. Your team can act on every lead in the most prudent and effective order to increase sales and optimize ROI.

Drive Leads.

Graph-IncreaseGraph-IncreaseIs your website working for you? PinPoint turns your website into lead central, telling you who’s been looking at your site and identifying their interests by their specific interactions.

  • Identify and track leads
  • Spot hot prospects
  • Integrate with your CRM
  • Optimize campaigns

Through visitor ID, campaign optimization, call tracking, A/B testing and the use of dynamic forms, PinPoint has the digital tools to help you drive leads in the right direction.

Convert Leads to Sales

AnalyticsAnalyticsWhat’s hot? What’s not? With an end-to-end picture of the customer journey, you can manage relationships based on relevancy.

  • Data-informed processes
  • On-point pitch
  • Timely follow-up
  • Sales notifications
  • Email automation

The PinPoint platform provides digital tools including behavior tracking, lead scoring, email automation, sales notifications and mobile CRM.

Optimize ROI

Return-On-InvestmentReturn-On-InvestmentWant a better return on your marketing spend? PinPoint stores all sales and marketing data in one place, making it the perfect control center for running campaigns effectively and with purpose.

  • Analytics and customizable reports
  • AdWords integration
  • Content ROI tracking
  • Online and traditional lead tracking

When you optimize your sales cycle, you optimize your ROI, and that means smart spending and many happy returns. Goodbye cold calls. Hello healthy bottom line.

Communicate with PinPoint Accuracy

Leads-RightLeads-RightWith a whole range of impressive tools, you can be sure you’re delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time.

  • Email automation
  • Email syncing
  • Social assistant
  • Sales notifications
  • Dynamic forms
  • Media center
  • Mobile responsive
  • Lead scoring
  • VisitorID
  • Call tracking
  • A/B testing
  • Behavior tracking

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Drive. Convert. Optimize.