Market Research Projects:

SD Department of Ag Market Research

SD Department of Ag Market Research

Screenflair Market Research

Screenflair Market Research

The Power of Market Research

Market research is quickly becoming an essential part of any marketing and advertising plan. The use of data and analytics allows marketers to gain insightful information about their audience, product, or competition and make more informed business decisions.

Using market research helps organizations build long-term success by revealing the wants and needs of their target audience. With technology becoming more ingrained in our everyday life, it’s easier and quicker than ever to obtain this meaning information about your target audience.

At HenkinSchultz, we use a number of different methods to conduct qualitative and quantitative research that drives meaningful results for our clients. And we handle every aspect of your market research from writing research questions to recruiting participants to providing detailed reporting.

With every market research project, our end goal is to provide clients useful and actionable insights. And as a result of this market research, you’ll be able to optimize your brand strategy, better understand your target audience, and elevate your messaging to better connect with consumers.

What we do

  • Market Segmentation
  • Product Testing
  • Satisfaction Analysis
  • Brand Awareness Studies
  • Pricing Research
  • Keyword Analysis

How we do it

  • Focus Groups
  • Online Surveys
  • One-on- One Interviews
  • A/B Testing
  • Data Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis