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Kirby Schultz

Kirby Schultz


His name may be on the building, but it’s what he does inside that matters to Kirby. He has been the cornerstone of the HenkinSchultz brand for over 25 years. According to Kirby, “Every job has in it an opportunity to be wonderfully creative. That’s what we get paid to do regardless of budget. Whether it’s a small black and white ad, an annual report or a full-scale campaign, it can be something special – something that people won’t forget. That’s what we get paid for.”

As the state’s most talented and prolific commercial artist, Kirby has over 40 years of experience. His areas of expertise include strategy, design, original artwork, photography, original music, video/film making, interior design, event design and production. Kirby believes in passionately committing to the work and investing in like-minded people.

He believes in knowing and understanding why marketing principles work is the key to client success. In short, it’s just not knowing how to do something, it’s knowing why.

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