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Emily Sorenson

Emily Sorenson

Digital Marketing Director

South Dakota native, Emily Sorenson grew up in the Midwest and has spent her career in digital media. From teaching multi-media and spending eight years producing and directing commercials to digital project management, she has worked her way across the constant changes on the digital landscape and across the region finally landing – to our delight – at HenkinSchultz.

Just a few of her skills…

Digital Media Strategy


Brand Messaging and Management


Fire starting skills


Q&A with Emily

What Certifications or Qualifications do you have in Digital Marketing?

I have multiple, and I need to renew them every year or so, depending on what it is. I have my certification in Google Ads, Google Analytics, HubSpot Inbound Marketing and SEMrush Search Engine Optimization. Additionally I suppose, I have been working in marketing since 2004. I started as a video editor and producer, I taught video production and sketching (do NOT ask me to draw anything) at a tech school, I’ve worked as an account manager and copywriter, so on…  and all of that has led me to digital marketing strategy and data analysis. I have been here at HS since 2016 and not only do I really love what I do, I love doing it here with this group of people and the clients we work with.

What is your favorite part of your job as a Digital Marketing Director?

My favorite thing is solving problems. That seems pretty vague, but really that is what we all do here at HS, we solve problems for our clients. Digital marketing has so many different tactics and touchpoints, those offer a myriad of marketing strategy solutions for our clients. Every digital strategy is different and unique, and finding the solutions for each client is my favorite part.

Of your day-to-day tasks, what is your favorite?

Data Analytics is probably the most fun for me. Which also makes me a super nerd! But I love seeing how different tactics work together to help our clients achieve their goals. I can spend all day looking through behavior flow charts in Google Analytics, and then looking at how each user behaves differently on a page based on what source, whether it’s facebook, email, organic traffic, etc., referred them to the website.

What are you Crazy Obsessed about?

The list of things I am obsessed about is a little long. I really like different pens and a particular type of reusable notebooks called Rocketbook (check them out, they are super cool) and I am obsessed with learning new things. Whenever there is a new software or a new digital marketing tool, I love diving in and getting my hands dirty (metaphorically obviously) into the data and programming. I like getting lost in the data analytics and then on the other side, explaining what it means to people and how it improved their business or marketing strategy.