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Crazy Obsessed

HS Team Discusses Crazy Obsessed at Work and in Life

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about Crazy Obsessed at our agency lately. Crazy Obsessed is our philosophy for how we approach our business and creative services. Crazy is an adjective for the intensity in which we work. It also encourages new ways of looking at problems.

Obsessed is how we act, always seeking out new strategies, new tools and any means necessary to move our clients’ customers to action. Our lobby is full of original artwork designed by our team to express what Crazy Obsessed means to them. So, we thought we’d ask them, too.

In this ongoing series of Crazy Obsessed agency videos, we’re giving you a chance to meet the advertising team, get to know their personalities a bit more, and discuss what Crazy Obsessed means in both work and play. How do they approach creating, learning, challenges and lessons — and still keep the inspiration to remain Crazy Obsessed?

We hope you enjoy this candid look behind our Crazy Obsessed curtain.