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HenkinSchultz team building scavenger hunt

HenkinSchultz goes Scavenger Hunting

By | Staff
So how does a creative services team kick off a team building afternoon? Creatively, of course, with a scavenger hunt. The HenkinSchultz crew split into four teams and set off on a Sioux Falls adventure. Teams had two hours to complete as many tasks as possible from a list that covered the city. The tasks largely centered on clients and vendor partners. Take a photo with Val at Missouri River Energy Services? Check. Get a printer’s proof from Denny at Sisson Printing? Check. Shuck an ear of corn in honor of Midwest Seed. Check. Say hi to Showplace Cabinetry and...
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Lance Rasmussen

Meet Lance Rasmussen

By | Staff

A summer internship at HS is about a lot more than getting coffee and running errands. You get real life experience, you get valuable connections – and you also get us coffee (kidding – we all pitch in on that extremely important endeavor). In all seriousness, we’re extremely happy to have Lance Rasmussen, an SDSU graphic design major, with us this summer as our HS intern! He’s been a great asset to the team already, helping out with design projects and learning the ropes at the HS Sign Shop. Lance grew up on a farm and loves getting involved and…

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Mike Knudson

How to Master the Art of Client Services. 5 Q&A’s with Mike Knudson

By | Staff
Mike Knudson is known both in and outside of our office as a gregarious character who loves to help people. Mike is also obsessed with organization. His personality makes him the ideal person to talk about how important client services are to our business. What does he do to make sure all of our client’s needs are being met? We caught up with Mike for a quick Q&A. How would you describe your role and how you prioritize client services? In my role as an Account Executive, I make sure the needs of our clients are being met as promptly...
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Becka Burger & Lynell Weeg Nomintated for EmBe Tribute to Women

Becka Burger & Lynell Weeg Nominated for EmBe Tribute to Women

By | Staff
On April 19th, 2018, the 45th Annual EmBe Tribute to Women awards will commemorate legacy, honor achievement and celebrate women. We were thrilled to see two of our staff nominated for all of their service through the years. Becka Burger Partner/Director of Client Services Becka Burger was nominated in the Business Achievement category. This nomination is well deserved, as Becka has over 18 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. She’s earned the respect of her peers by pushing every day to provide the best creative work and customer service to our clients – and the best working...
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5 questions & answers brand strategy with Matt Entringer

Determining Your Brand Strategy with Matt Entringer

By | Branding, Staff
We recently sat down with Matt Entringer, HenkinSchultz’s Director of Brand Strategy to understand the importance of actually having a brand strategy. Matt’s had the chance to work for multiple Fortune 1000 companies including Union Pacific and Sprint. At the latter, Matt was a Marketing Manager who helped lead the wireless company’s in-store marketing at over 3,000 locations across the country. In 2016, Matt joined the HenkinSchultz team. His prior experience across a variety of different marketing areas gives him great insight into the creation of a complete brand strategy. Now let’s take a look at how to determine your...
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Becka Burger

HenkinSchultz Looks Ahead in 2018

By | Marketing, Staff
A Message from Becka Burger, Partner and Director of Client Services At the beginning of 2018, or any year, it’s common for many to reflect and look backwards. Those are great sentiments and quite useful in life. But at HenkinSchultz - and in marketing strategy - if you spend too much time in “back then,” you’re already behind the competition. The way customers and your target market consume products and services is constantly changing. Remember buying MP3s? That was cute. Or when you actually had to bring a coupon to a store? Novel. Apps used to be what you shared...
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better call paul HS

7 Questions to Help Businesses Understand Media Buying

By | Advertising, Campaign, Media Buying, Staff
Media Placement: Strategy & Planning with Paul Thompson We sat down with Paul Thompson, HenkinSchultz's Media Buyer, and asked him some tough questions to get a better idea of how media buying works. A little background on Paul: he graduated from South Dakota State University with a B.S. in Mass Communication/Advertising. His first job out of school was at local television station KSFY, where he grew digital and TV sales, and helped in designing and laying out the Pigskin and Basketball Preview magazines. Later, he went on to Results Radio/Townsquare Media where he became Digital Sales Manager. In 2016, Paul...
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Melissa Doyle

Web Design Trends, Questions, & Expectations for 2018

By | Staff, Web Design
In an Ever-Changing Web World... Another year is coming to an end and as we look forward to 2018, we thought we'd sit down with Web Projects Manager Melissa Doyle and get her insight on web expectations, trends and best practices for the new year. If you are thinking about a new website or just have some questions related to websites or SEO, giver her a call. This is her passion. Now let's take a look into the future with Melissa! What web trends are you expecting to see in 2018? I think we will see a continued trend with...
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Albert Einstein

HenkinSchultz has the Experience that Matters for Marketing Success

By | Service, Staff
”The only source of knowledge is experience. - Albert Einstein Experience Matters. When you’re a full-service creative resource with a 26-year track record of success, you learn a few things: how to react when sales are slow, how to maintain sales that are surging, when it’s time for a refresh of your logo or when it’s time for a complete re-brand of your entire company. When you’re working with HenkinSchultz, we don’t assign you to one of our in-house “teams”. We craft a specialized group of experts for your project. We seek to understand the why first – then the...
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Derek Soukup Q & A

8 Questions for Graphic Designer Derek Soukup

By | Design, Staff
From the Apple Mac IIGS to PhotoShop CC Derek Soukup has been having fun with graphic design since he was in high school. Since joining the team at HenkinSchultz, he's shared much of that talent, not to mention a growler or two. We sat down with Derek and asked him a few questions to get to know him better. Here's what we found out. Enjoy! 1. As a graphic designer, where do you go for inspiration? I pull inspiration from everything I come in touch with. I flip through magazines just to look at the ads. I look at product packaging...
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