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Staying Relevant: How to Make a Press Release NewsworthyPublic Relations

Staying Relevant: How to Make a Press Release Newsworthy

You’ve heard us talk a lot about building your brand and telling your story. It’s something every organization needs to do well, and a great way to put this in action is by distributing a newsworthy press release. Many businesses and nonprofits misunderstand the value of a good press release and what exactly makes it newsworthy for a publication. Here, HS will guide you through the key principles we follow when creating and distributing press releases. The Importance of Newsworthiness in PR Press releases can be some of the most effective executions of storytelling. As earned pieces of media, they…
April 13, 2022
Crisis Communication PlanPublic Relations

Crisis Communication and Being Prepared as a Company

2020 has awoken us all to a lot of new realities. This holds true in both life and business. As we all navigate business moving forward, we are reminded of the need for a crisis communication plan. Being Prepared for Any Crisis What rises to the level of crisis will vary by business. For some, like hospitals, emergency preparedness is a matter of life and death. For our discussion today, we’re talking primarily about public relations and how best to handle a crisis. Here are two of the biggest mistakes most companies make: Not being prepared for a crisis Avoiding…
January 4, 2021
random graphicPublic Relations

How to Handle Media Interviews

Answering media inquiries is a necessary part of public relations (PR) and protecting your reputation. PR is not just about promoting your business to various media outlets, it’s about being a trusted source when called upon. If you’re new to responding to journalists and reporters alike, it can be daunting to get started without knowing what to expect. We compiled five tips for your next interview with the media. Five Tips When Speaking to the Media Speaking to the media is best done with a clear plan of what you wish to communicate. With a plan in place, you’ll be…
October 14, 2019
helmsley2-1024x768Public Relations

Good News? Share it with PR.

When The Rural Healthcare Program of the Helmsley Charitable Trust granted $14 million to support the purchase of new CT scanners across the upper Midwest, it was a game changer for 37 Critical Access Hospitals and their patients. And the story needed to be told. To share the good news through the media across 37 communities in seven states and in major markets, they came to HenkinSchultz for our public relations expertise. To make sure this important story was picked up by new outlets required a media alert for press conferences in four cities, relevant press releases that highlighted specific…
November 10, 2015
Public Relations

Why Public Relations is Like a Second Date

It’s a jungle out there. People everywhere are looking for the right match. It is no longer enough to have a good product or offer a great service; consumers today want long-term, meaningful relationships – not one-night stands. Think of your ad campaign as a first date. You make sure you look good, have something interesting to say and can offer something that “others” can’t. If that first date is a hit, prospects want more. That’s where public relations comes in. Public relations allows your customers to get to know you better. To be effective, your communications plan should include…
October 28, 2014