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Drone Photography

Drone Certified Joey SchultzDrone Photography

Drone Season – Joey Schultz’s Favorite Time Of Year

What some people call spring, we call the beginning of drone season! So there’s no better time to chat about what drones can do for your marketing than now. We recently sat down with our very own FAA certified drone pilot - the leader of HenkinSchultz’s video production team/Partner, Joey Schultz, for a quick Q&A on drones. Most people think anyone can just buy a drone and start flying. Why does it matter if you’re certified? You need to take liability issues into account when hiring a drone pilot. Hobbyist drone pilots aren’t legally allowed to sell their footage –…
May 15, 2018
drone over HenkinSchultzDrone Photography

Coming Soon: Drone Season, HS Van Wrap

As the weather changes and flowers start to bloom, we all love to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. If you’re looking to get some spectacular footage of your business, or a particular project you have going, then the good news is that it’s also the start of drone season! We can unleash the drone once again and get those amazing shots from above now that the weather is warming up. Take a look at some of the cool things our drone can see and contact us if you’re interested in using our drone to get a different vantage…
March 26, 2018
aerial photographyDrone Photography

Look at Marketing from a New Perspective with Drone Photography

Drone photography is nothing new – but shooting amazing aerial footage of landscapes, live events, buildings and cityscapes from 400 ft. in the air has become much easier and more affordable with drone photography. Why is this important? YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web – and there’s a reason for that. People relate to video. It engages all the senses, leaves a lasting impression, and keeps customers’ attention longer. Aerial videography not only looks amazing and gets attention, but it is an unconventional way to breathe new life into your marketing content with footage people…
November 9, 2016