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HS SDAF Addy Awards 2019CreativityVideo

HenkinSchultz Recognized by SDAF ADDY Awards

HS Holiday Windows – Wins Best of Class in Out-of-Home & Ambient Media At HenkinSchultz, we’ve long said that we don’t do what we do for awards. It’s true, but it’s also nice to get recognized for creative work -- and one of our favorite yearly traditions. HS took home a South Dakota Advertising Federation ADDY award for “HS Holiday Windows.” The award is the top honor in the category of “Out-of-Home & Ambient Media.” As a creative company, HenkinSchultz knows one of the hardest things to do these days is get people’s attention. For the past 11 years, HS…
February 26, 2019
connect and compelCreativity

How We Use Creative Energy to Connect & Compel

Our Purpose If you’ve ever been to the HenkinSchultz headquarters, you can almost feel the creativity in the air. We were the artsy kids growing up, always looking at the world with a slightly different perspective. We can turn anything into something. In school we learned how to harness our creative energy – how to turn it into something tangible. We honed those skills in internships, jobs and passion projects along the way. We kept learning, seeking, dreaming and DOING. When we got here, to HS, we met other like-minded individuals and skilled professionals who helped us raise our game,…
April 9, 2018
River Centre branch Vision & Values signageBrandingCreativityDesign

Signage Completes the Look at New American Bank & Trust Branch

When South Dakota’s American Bank & Trust announced they were opening up a second Sioux Falls location, HenkinSchultz and the HS Sign Shop were happy to help make the downtown flagship branch look special with some unique art and signage. Our designers and the HS Sign Shop created a frosted glass accent wall that spoke to AB&T’s vision and values – this is the focal point for their space. In addition to signage, they also wanted some distinctive art for their walls. HenkinSchultz, along with Sioux Falls photographer Tom Dempster, photographed and supplied AB&T with some memorable pieces. Another important…
June 22, 2017

Time Marches On

Roman times warned “Beware the Ides of March,” referring to the 15th of the month. But at HenkinSchultz we celebrate every day of the month. From our view above the city on 69th and Western, it’s easy to see the season coming to life. And as we continue to highlight 25 years of springing into action for clients, we take a look at what was happening in 1994. The most popular browser in the world was Netscape Navigator Forrest Gump was running, and running away with the Oscars Lisa Marie – not Billy Jean - married Michael Jackson Go For…
March 29, 2016

Five reasons why play works.

The research is in. Play works at work. Including elements of play in the workplace is not just good for employees; it’s also good for companies. That’s why some companies have adopted happiness as a business model. Far from the old-school philosophy of nose-to-the-grindstone all work and no play, this new way of looking at the workplace is sweeping the globe because it offers so many benefits and helps employees integrate their life and their work. Boosts Creativity – Research indicates that play opens up neural connections leading to greater creativity and stops censoring thoughts. Experts recommend a little play…
June 23, 2015

Inspiration – It Comes from the Top

Inspired. It’s a way of looking at a piece of corrugated steel, a light bulb, a cement block or a blank wall and seeing the possibility. Add to that a fearlessness of doing it wrong, starting over, and an uncanny ability to break things down into their simplest form and you have a creative leader. If you ask Kirby Schultz, co-owner of HenkinSchultz Creative Services where he works, he’ll tell you he works for a marketing company. But for the people that work with him, he provides inspiration to do good work, every day. Kirby doesn’t just create at the…
June 10, 2015

Out of Home advertising that hits home

The words “out of home” advertising may be unfamiliar, but this advertising medium is more common that you think. From billboards to bus stops, innovative companies are finding unusual places to plant their marketing messages – and their popping up all over. With new formats, new technologies and some creative thinking, companies and their advertising agencies are finding exciting ways to marry their messages with the right medium to reach their customers in the most unusual – but effective – places including: Airport kiosks, bus shelters and baggage claim areas Stadium scoreboards, dashers, courtside displays Bus and other vehicle full…
May 27, 2015

Creative Inspiration – 5 Ways to Tap into Your Creative Energy

Inspiration is a very personal thing. Some people hear a song on the radio that kicks their creativity into high gear. Others need quiet time alone in nature or a no-holds-barred brainstorm where no idea is off limits. Inspiration is where creativity begins, and no matter whether you’re planning a new ad campaign, planning a gala or finding a solution to a unique business challenge, creative thinking is often the key to success. The following are just of few of our favorite ideas for tapping into your creative well. Doodle and jot – Without thinking too much, start with one…
April 28, 2015

How to Get People Talking: Advertising That Creates Buzz

We've all seen them. Those now famous Framily plan ads introduced by Sprint in early 2014. Sprint rolled out an awesome idea in a very intelligent way. They created a conversation starter. For instance, what's with the rodent that is supposed to be the dad? And the little girl that speaks French? Or how about Gor-Don? But let's pump the breaks for just a second. Their first ads started out a little more traditional, showing family members with a couple random friends incorporated. Now they have changed it up to really make people go, "What's this all about?" Why is…
May 13, 2014