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Investing In CommunityCommunity

HenkinSchultz Invests in Community, Leaves Mark

30 Years of Making a Mark HS celebrates 30 years in business this month. And while that is a source of pride for us, we are even more proud of our investment in our community. A Footprint in Sioux Falls As you drive around Sioux Falls, it’s hard not to notice some of our longest standing work. From the iconic Keloland logo to the Avera mark, our work dots every corner of our community. And while that’s quite rewarding, it’s even more special to remember the businesses, nonprofits and charities we’ve invested in and have donated time and effort to.…
October 7, 2021
HS 21 OlympicsCommunityStaff

HS Olympics III

Over the course of a few decades, HenkinSchultz has amassed plenty of fun, peculiar, and outright strange traditions. Perhaps one of our most elaborate ones is the HS Olympics, held every four years in the summer. With the 2021 Tokyo Olympics kicking off this July, our staff went to work planning relays and scavenger hunts while perfecting our own unique country personas. What ensued was a great day of Olympic-themed events and staff bonding. A Drive for Competition The HS Olympics are built upon creativity, a competitive spirit and a fair amount of silliness. We allow our staff to design…
July 29, 2021

Wanna Winna Website Winners

We’re pleased to announce the winners of our Wanna Winna Website Giveaway, Big Paws Canine Foundation and Dakota Spirit. We selected one nonprofit organization and one for-profit company as winners. Each of the companies will receive a $10,000 credit toward a website to be designed and developed by HenkinSchultz. And they’re thrilled to get started.The nonprofit winner, Big Paws Canine Foundation, Inc. (Midwest Operations) provides service dogs to disabled veterans and former first responders injured in the line of duty. Midwest Director of Operations, Gail Dickerson, was shocked when she got the news. “We can’t thank HenkinSchultz enough for this…
September 2, 2016

HenkinSchultz Celebrates the Past, the Presence and the Future.

This year, HenkinSchultz Creative Services is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Since 1991 when the company was established, partners Joe Henkin and Kirby Schultz have been committed to presence – delivered with strategic, artfully executed creative to select clients that share their vision. And though technology in the world of marketing has changed, the creative energy behind great marketing is the same as it’s always been. It starts with an idea. Over the years Joe and Kirby have consistently hired thinkers – smart creative talent passionate about turning ideas into something that changes people. And about seeing clients succeed. No matter…
September 1, 2016

4 New Ways to Think About Video Marketing Content

For years, consumers have been viewing the majority of video – advertising and content – on the screen of their television. We’ve watched screens get smaller and portable, then larger, lighter and flatter, and finally completely mobile. Today, screens come in virtually every shape and size, from conventional to not so conventional. An LCD screen embedded on a page of Marie Claire magazine featured a 45 second video promoting a Dolce & Gabanna fragrance. And there’s more changing than the screens. Consumer’s viewing patterns are changing. Audiences will now consume video content in a way that’s most convenient at the…
February 17, 2015

4 Reasons Internet Security Matters – Beyond the Data

The threat is real. International computer hackers are taking hostages, and they’re doing it with your help. If you are responsible for the security of your company website or network server, it’s up to you to make sure you’ve done your due diligence to keep users safe. While the most obvious reason for keeping your site and network secure is protecting data, there are a few not-so-obvious reasons that Internet security should be important to you and your company. The following are worth considering: I feel so used. In many cases, it’s not the data hackers are looking for. Instead,…
January 21, 2015

Counting Down to Christmas

Tis the season for gift wrapping, holiday baking, last-minute shopping and trekking across the miles to visit family and friends. It’s not surprising that we bring the holidays to work with us, and the stress can be overwhelming. Lighten up - and share some cheer during the most wonderful time of the year with some easy-to-manage festivities that let co-workers celebrate, laugh and enjoy wonderful people they spend so much of their lives with. At HenkinSchultz, 2014 marks our “15th Annual Treat Day Countdown to Holiday Extravaganza” – a celebration of food, friends & wonderment & peppermint. To make this…
December 9, 2014
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6 Ways Contests Pay Off

You could win. It’s the reason people come hundreds of miles to stand in line for a shot at being the next American Idol when the chances are slim and time is precious. A chance to win compels us to do things that we would otherwise never consider. Perhaps that’s the reason that contests and giveaways have become such a huge component of marketing today. People just want to win. If you’re not using contests to market your business, product or brand, you could be missing out on a big opportunity. On the other hand, contests can be cumbersome and…
November 11, 2014

Making Space for Creativity

Hey, you’re out of bounds One of the biggest challenges for marketers everywhere is boundaries. Whether you’re designing a print ad, a billboard or a tradeshow booth, boundaries are every place – except one. There’s one space where you can let yourself go out of bounds. It’s your creativity. Ideas have no budget, no screen resolution and no space to consider. Unfortunately, too many formulas and rules have led us into complacency. We see limits instead of possibilities. The trick is perspective. To be creative, it’s essential to see endless possibilities. Little ideas are hard to scale up, but once…
October 14, 2014

Commit to a Cause – Create a Positive Culture

Work worth doing You hear a lot about marketing to consumers and marketing to other businesses, but you don’t hear nearly as much about internal marketing – engaging employees in the company’s mission, goals and culture – until recently. As it turns, out the millennials, who will make up more than 50 percent of the workforce by 2020, are awfully concerned about making a difference in the world, and they bring that concern to work with them every day. The connection between job satisfaction and corporate causes is nothing new. Study after study shows that employees are happier, more productive…
September 24, 2014