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Better Understand Your Audience Through Market Research

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Overview The use of data and analytics in marketing and advertising has increased dramatically over the past few years as technology becomes more ingrained in our everyday life. This provides marketers the chance to gain insightful information about their audience, product, or competition and make more informed business decisions. This information—or market research—is essential to building long-term success for your brand because it reveals the wants and needs of your target audience. Before Screenflair—a new smartphone accessory company—launched in the fall of 2017, it asked HenkinSchultz to conduct in-depth market research that would help reveal the target consumer and how...
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CellOnly website display

Building a Brand with a Complete Digital Strategy

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Overview While a vast majority of businesses today have a website, a lot of them fall short of being effective. Well-designed websites not only inform customers and generate leads, they also build brands. Every company should evaluate its website and decide if it’s working hard enough or if it needs to be revitalized. One company that wanted to re-evaluate its web presence was CellOnly, a Verizon Authorized Retailer with stores in seven states. Wanting more than just a good-looking website, CellOnly asked HenkinSchultz to develop a complete digital strategy that would help increase web traffic and bring more people into...
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Increasing Awareness of Health Services Through Digital Marketing

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Overview Digital marketing has quickly become the largest medium for advertising and the most effective way to target potential customers. In fact, paid search, display advertising, social media advertising, online video advertising, and email marketing are expected to account for almost 50 percent of all advertising impressions in the United States by 2021. Knowing this trend, when HenkinSchultz was asked to partner with Midwest Digestive Health to increase awareness of its health services, the agency did so with a focus on digital marketing. Challenge Midwest Digestive Health, a division of Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital, focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and...
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