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HamsterStacking: A Wild Week

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How something silly, was really quite strategic.  Why HamsterStacking? It's a fun way to describe what HenkinSchultz does. We organize lots of moving marketing pieces in a fun way. We solve problems. We stack hamsters. By making Hamster Stacking an issue, we were able to capitalize on the political season. Graphics were created. Billboard space was purchased. A website was born. And a public relations response was put in place. Oh yeah, we even made yard signs too. Getting Attention with Intention Getting attention is often the easy part. But you must do it with specific intention. To pull this...
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Hamster Stacking Campaign Revealed as Ad Agency Promotion, HS Celebrates 27 Years.

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You may have seen the curious billboards for Vote YES on Hamster Stacking. HenkinSchultz set out to prove that clever messaging still gets attention and can get people talking. The campaign included a city-wide billboard campaign, digital strategy and the website “Hamster stacking is one way we describe what we do, kind of like herding cats. In marketing, there are always pieces moving in every direction from traditional to digital, new technologies and new strategies. We can help manage or ‘stack’ those pieces, with great results for businesses,” says Becka Burger, Partner, Director of Client Services. HS introduced the…

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better call paul HS

7 Questions to Help Businesses Understand Media Buying

By | Advertising, Campaign, Media Buying, Staff
Media Placement: Strategy & Planning with Paul Thompson We sat down with Paul Thompson, HenkinSchultz's Media Buyer, and asked him some tough questions to get a better idea of how media buying works. A little background on Paul: he graduated from South Dakota State University with a B.S. in Mass Communication/Advertising. His first job out of school was at local television station KSFY, where he grew digital and TV sales, and helped in designing and laying out the Pigskin and Basketball Preview magazines. Later, he went on to Results Radio/Townsquare Media where he became Digital Sales Manager. In 2016, Paul...
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GreatLIFE offers expanded services

GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness PLUS

By | Campaign, Marketing, Media Planning, Service

GreatLIFE’s newest passion is “plus” – and when they came to us with all the new perks and benefits that were going to be available as part of their PLUS membership expansion, we developed a strategy to introduce it to their internal staff, members and the general public. Free movies + Canaries + rides, oh my! This line was featured on TV, radio, in-store point-of-purchase displays, flyers, web sliders, brochures, digital advertising, in-store videos, and a pocket-sized calendar that was distributed to members. We also created t-shirts featuring that line for employees to wear. We focused on those three new…

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Business people at a ribbon cutting for expanded services

Expanded Services Call for an Expanded Marketing Plan

By | Advertising, Branding, Campaign

One of the most crucial decisions any business can face is how to go about expanding their service options. There’s a million decisions to make and a lot of moving pieces internally that need to be handled, but make sure you’re minding your marketing strategy as you plot your launch. The Soft Launch Some companies prefer a ‘soft launch’ – this is a slower rollout where a restricted market is able to preview the new product or service before it’s entirely launched to the general public. This can be an effective method if you want to A/B test the response…

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Business branding through relationship building

Turning a Brand into a Bond

By | Campaign, Marketing

A great logo, consistent use of colors and cool signage are essential parts of creating a brand. These things will help customers recognize your business, and they’re certainly important. But you must ask yourself if those elements are part of a larger message from your company that’s creating a bond with your customers? Every element of your marketing – from your digital strategy to your mass media buys should work together to not just make people aware of your product or service, but to feel good about being a consumer of it. Effective digital and mass media campaigns need to…

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Parents Matter 2017

How Do You Stop a Parent’s Worst Nightmare?

By | Branding, Campaign

Prairie View Prevention Services endeavors to keep the public aware of national and local trends in drug and alcohol use and abuse. They’ve worked with HenkinSchultz on an important campaign targeting underage drinking and driving called “Parents Matter” – and this year was the 10th Anniversary. The theme for this year’s campaign was personally developed and overseen by HenkinSchultz President and co-founder Kirby Schultz. “Parents Worst Nightmare” is a simple, yet chilling spot that said a whole lot without words. Watch this powerful ad, which aired throughout South Dakota, to see for yourself. For the radio spots, our team interviewed…

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woman's face crying

Effective Marketing Appeals to our Emotions

By | Campaign, Copywriting, Television

This year’s Super Bowl ads featured an overarching theme that was more focused on emotion-driven storytelling than in previous years. When you’re paying $5 million for a thirty-second spot, you expect results. And emotional appeals deliver. From Budweiser’s controversial “Born The Hard Way” ad – the story of the founder of the brewery’s journey to America to pursue his dreams – to 84 Lumber’s “The Journey Begins,” emotional messages proved to spark social media interest and inspire traditional media coverage. Heartfelt spots that emphasize substance over style speak to why we care in the first place. A story with an…

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Parents Matter launches 2016 campaign to stop underage drinking in South Dakota

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For the last 10 years, HenkinSchultz has been working with Prairie View Prevention Services and the South Dakota Department of Public Safety to raise awareness about underage drinking and driving with a comprehensive marketing campaign that sends a strong message, <strong>Parents Matter</strong>. This year, the campaign was updated with a new look and more relevant resources for parents, and was launched this month – just as teens begin to celebrate proms and graduation. Based on national data indicating that when parents discuss underage drinking, house parties, drinking and driving, 80 percent of their teens listen and cite their influence as…

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6 Marketing Madness Tips from the HenkinSchultz Playbook

By | Branding, Campaign, Leadership, Marketing

March Madness is sweeping the country this time of year. In the spirit of sportsmanship and team play, we’d like to share a few tips from the HenkinSchultz Marketing Madness Playbook. Joe: “Take your best shot.” – Every project, every time, every day. Kirby: “Show up with your A team.” – Then let them do what they do best. In life, in basketball and in marketing, success depends on the talent and skill of your people. When you work together, you will accomplish amazing things. Joe: “Experience matters.” – In the big game, it’s the teams that have been there…

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