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Meet HenkinSchultz: Paige, The Intern

My name is Paige Shafrath and I am the summer intern at HenkinSchultz. I am originally from Hampton, Iowa, which is a small town about an hour and a half north of Des Moines. No, I wasn't raised on a farm, however, you could find a field about a block from each side of my house. I started off my college career at Winona State University in Minnesota. I couldn't find a job in Winona the summer going into my junior year, so my brother suggested I move to Brookings, SD. After becoming best friends with my random roommates that…
May 15, 2014

How to Get People Talking: Advertising That Creates Buzz

We've all seen them. Those now famous Framily plan ads introduced by Sprint in early 2014. Sprint rolled out an awesome idea in a very intelligent way. They created a conversation starter. For instance, what's with the rodent that is supposed to be the dad? And the little girl that speaks French? Or how about Gor-Don? But let's pump the breaks for just a second. Their first ads started out a little more traditional, showing family members with a couple random friends incorporated. Now they have changed it up to really make people go, "What's this all about?" Why is…
May 13, 2014
Ad of the WeekAdvertising

Ad of the Week: Mom’s Day 2014 (er, 2013), Here’s to you!

Mom's day is here again and the commercials are all over the place. From the perfect necklace to the right card with the exact wording that is a guaranteed hit to make mom cry (or roll her eyes), to me the message this year is a little-blah? Mother's day is about celebrating how cool your mom truly is. When it comes down to it, it's all the stuff that she has gone through with or for you that makes Mom's day so special. Since I couldn't find anything I loved this year, I decided to go with a Google commercial…
May 8, 2014

Showing Gratitude: The Importance of Client Appreciation

These days, it seems like customer appreciation has taken a back seat in the midst of this hectic thing called life, and on the opposite side of the fence, loyalty is in short supply. To keep the trust and business of your clients, it's more important than ever to show them how much they're appreciated. Recently HenkinSchultz helped the SDSU Foundation orchestrate and produce a spectacular Donor Celebration Event. The goal was to show donors their direct impact on these kids' lives and the ways in which they are opening doors that would have never been available if not for…
April 29, 2014

Playlist of the Week: Spring 2014 Vibes

A few weeks ago, my splendid coworker Fletch crafted a solid little playlist to prepare us for spring. Little did we know that we would be in for at least 3 more weeks of chilly weather. That said, I thought maybe we can try this again with another mix that can perhaps help us transition into spring with some pizazz. So I gathered some of my favorites tunes to come out in 2014 thus far and loosely compiled them into somewhat of a cohesive playlist to help us bring those warm spring and summer vibes. It's a tad on the…
April 18, 2014

We’re hiring an Office Manager!

Office Manager HenkinSchultz is seeking a full-time Office Manager. We need someone with the skills, experience and savvy to be the backbone of our day-to-day operations. Responsibilities Include: Monthly financial statement preparation Accounts receivable and payable Billing and invoicing Payroll Insurance Skills and Experience: Accounting Degree Two or more years of experience is preferred Strong business and finance administration knowledge Basic accounting skills with a high degree of accuracy Experience managing the calendar of a busy office This is a kick-ass position with potential to grow, so if you've got the skills to pay the bills and can hit the…
April 18, 2014
In Other News

Defining Your Brand Style

You may not be able to define it, but you know it when you see it. You have your own personal style - your brand. From the clothes you wear to the car you drive and the friends you choose to the social media you post, you have created your own personal brand. For the most part, this happens unconsciously. It's a natural extension of your personality. You may sanitize it a little (if you're smart) and streamline the message a little, but generally, it's a reflection of you. Too bad it's not nearly so easy for a company to…
April 15, 2014
Ad of the WeekAdvertisingBrandingCampaignCommercials

Ad of the Week: Taco Bell Goes for McDonald’s Breakfast Jugular

In the cutthroat business that is fast food, a company must position itself as the better option - or blatantly smear the other's name from here to Mexico. McDonald's seems to have been the go-to breakfast place for many moons, beating out other breakfast wannabes such as Burger King or Carl's Jr. But there is a new player in town and it hasn't been shy by any stretch of the imagination. Taco Bell comes in swinging with it's new breakfast menu marketing. First it was the Ronald McDonald ads about how these "Ronald McDonalds" loved the new breakfast menu at…
April 11, 2014

Watch the Thrones. No, Seriously. Everyone Else Is.

As anticipation for the season four premiere of Game of Thrones reaches a fever pitch, HBO's marketing department has kicked things into full gear in promoting its flagship program. From an onslaught of trailers to a hip-hop mixtape to releasing a branded craft beer, the shadow cast by the television juggernaut has been seemingly inescapable. Perhaps most impressive of all of this, is the art collection commissioned by HBO. Teaming with artist Robert M. Ball, the network has been releasing a new piece of art daily, each highlighting the most noteworthy death in the episodes leading up to the new…
April 4, 2014

Creating a consistent marketing message, you can say that again.

With any new marketing campaign, it's important to define long-term goals and expectations for those goals. It is great to have a fantastic campaign but knowing whether it sticks with the target can be hard to measure or stand the test of time. So what does it take to make a campaign stand the test of time? That would be a consistent message. Brand strategy and communication need to reinforce a continuous message. In essence, what are you trying to tell these people? Some brands go with a great slogan like Burger King 'Have it Your Way', or a catchy…
April 2, 2014