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What Exactly Does ‘Full Service’ Mean, Anyway?

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Full-service is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. 27 years ago when HenkinSchultz first opened its doors, every agency in the region was racing to be known as full service. Back then, full service usually meant: We’ll create your ads, manage your account and place your media. A lot has changed since then. The digital age is in full swing. Content platforms keep evolving. Customers have more information at their finger tips. Great messaging hasn’t changed. But the way it is delivered and consumed changes every year, often every day. Ever wake up on a Monday and say,…

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HenkinSchultz team building scavenger hunt

HenkinSchultz goes Scavenger Hunting

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So how does a creative services team kick off a team building afternoon? Creatively, of course, with a scavenger hunt. The HenkinSchultz crew split into four teams and set off on a Sioux Falls adventure. Teams had two hours to complete as many tasks as possible from a list that covered the city. The tasks largely centered on clients and vendor partners. Take a photo with Val at Missouri River Energy Services? Check. Get a printer’s proof from Denny at Sisson Printing? Check. Shuck an ear of corn in honor of Midwest Seed. Check. Say hi to Showplace Cabinetry and...
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Tell a story with the HenkinSchultz video produciton team.

Tribute and Legacy Videos – Telling Great Stories

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When you tell someone you do video production, a common response is, “Oh, you make commercials!” This is true, but the :30 commercial format is only a fraction of the way video is delivered these days. When someone thinks video, they often think “expensive” too. But tribute videos and legacy videos don’t have to be. HenkinSchultz is a great resource to create something very special for Grandpa’s 80th or your boss’s retirement. We’ve done hundreds of these – and have enjoyed every story. Sometimes tribute videos are historic in nature. Using a collection of archived photos or past video, we...
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Midwest Seed logo inspiration

When a Logo is More Than a Logo

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In the seed business, your logo and seed cap are your calling card. Midwest Seed Genetics knows this as well as anyone. After an eleven year absence from the market, Midwest Seed was back. And what started as a simple logo refresh from HenkinSchultz, not only became a certified seed hat hit – but a company wide rallying cry. The logo in its new form is a nod to their history, pulling four diamond shapes from the original design. The diamonds represent plots of American farmland and the yellow symbolizes “the home 40.” Assembled together, they also resemble a horizontal...
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Bioverse Case Study

Healthy Ponds and HenkinSchultz work together to increase online sales.

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This case study features our work with Healthy Ponds. Healthy Ponds approached HenkinSchultz in December of 2017. They needed a new brand, a new website, and a new digital strategy. Their goal was to increase online sales. After our discovery session, we helped them define who they were as a company. We also established a logo and an entire new look for Healthy Ponds.   Their e-commerce and customer service departments have two goals: Increase new customer purchase revenue Increase repeat customer revenue. The Key Performance Indicators for both segments is to increase revenue per purchase. However, the method of…

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Pinterest for Business

Pinterest – The Dark Horse in the Social Race

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The basics - What is Pinterest? Pinterest is an app which displays a collection of posts – known as Pins. They are picture based, have very little text, and need to be associated with a destination URL. Generally speaking, it is an “inspiration board.” Who is on Pinterest? Women. Men are too, but let’s face it. It’s women. 200 million people use Pinterest every month, 70% are women. What are women looking at on Pinterest? Everything. Recipes. Fashion. Workout routines. Tattoos. Summer activities for kids. Vacation destinations. Organization tips. Cleaning products. The best pillows for a good night sleep. Wood...
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World Cup 2018

What the World Cup can teach us about advertising.

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On the evening of October 11, 2017 many of us sat and watched friends sulk in dismay as the realization set in that we would not be able to cheer for our Team USA in the World Cup. There are some who thoroughly enjoy watching soccer, and some who are just along for a friendly beer and ask at least 10-questions-per half. ”I don’t know much about soccer, but after moving to Sioux Falls I have learned that many residents eat, sleep and breathe this sport. Molly KreutzfeldtGraphic Designer USA’s defeat and what it meant to fans & advertisers You...
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Lance Rasmussen

Meet Lance Rasmussen

By | Staff

A summer internship at HS is about a lot more than getting coffee and running errands. You get real life experience, you get valuable connections – and you also get us coffee (kidding – we all pitch in on that extremely important endeavor). In all seriousness, we’re extremely happy to have Lance Rasmussen, an SDSU graphic design major, with us this summer as our HS intern! He’s been a great asset to the team already, helping out with design projects and learning the ropes at the HS Sign Shop. Lance grew up on a farm and loves getting involved and…

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HenkinSchultz podcast

Podcast #5: Chad Vander Lugt: TnT

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Tony Bock & Special Guest Host Emily Sorenson of HenkinSchultz Creative Services in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, welcome HS Executive Creative Director Chad Vander Lugt to Episode 5 of Mixed Thinks. Join them for a fun chat on creative directing, digital strategizing and an award-winning Harry Caray impression. Holy Cow! Recipe for a TnT Ingredients: Tequila Tequila Directions: Take the first tequila and mix it with the second. The creativity will explode from there!
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Website Tips from web designer Melissa Doyle

How Hard is Your Website Working for You?

By | Web Design
Websites are like sales people; but in many ways they are better. As a business owner, you have probably hired some pretty great people to represent your company and help it grow. But have you thought about your website in the same way? Just as you don't want your employees representing any wrong information about your business, you don't want your website telling potential customers inaccurate information. Your website is something that you should really have complete control over. Websites work 24/7 without complaining. Websites can answer questions about your product or service any time, day or night. Websites should...
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