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Introducing Screenflair

By | Digital, Marketing, Video, Web Design
Our smartphones are with us all the time, but they say almost nothing about our personality. While you can personalize the back of your device with a case, the front has traditionally been reserved for blank, boring screen protectors. Enamore Products developed a patented process that’s changed all that. Now, with Screenflair, you can personalize your protection with unique graphics and artwork that go around, and even on, your screen. They have a transparent quality that mostly fades to the background when the screen is on, adding a unique accent to your favorite apps and websites. Each protector is custom-fitted...
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HenkinSchultz Podcast

Podcast #1: Eric Van Beek: The Arnold Palmer

By | Podcasts
Tony Bock & Taylor Litzen, from HenkinSchultz Creative Services in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, welcome Eric Van Beek of the HS Sign Shop - and former radio dj - to the first episode of Mixed Thinks! Recipe for The Arnold Palmer Ingredients: Glass Ice Lemonade Tea Directions: Fill glass with ice. Pour half the glass with lemonade, and half with tea. Eric likes to bask in the glory of his two ingredients separated, we prefer ours MIXED.
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CellOnly website display

Building a Brand with a Complete Digital Strategy

By | Case Studies, Digital, Web Design
Overview While a vast majority of businesses today have a website, a lot of them fall short of being effective. Well-designed websites not only inform customers and generate leads, they also build brands. Every company should evaluate its website and decide if it’s working hard enough or if it needs to be revitalized. One company that wanted to re-evaluate its web presence was CellOnly, a Verizon Authorized Retailer with stores in seven states. Wanting more than just a good-looking website, CellOnly asked HenkinSchultz to develop a complete digital strategy that would help increase web traffic and bring more people into...
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Derek Soukup Q & A

8 Questions for Graphic Designer Derek Soukup

By | Design, Staff
From the Apple Mac IIGS to PhotoShop CC Derek Soukup has been having fun with graphic design since he was in high school. Since joining the team at HenkinSchultz, he's shared much of that talent, not to mention a growler or two. We sat down with Derek and asked him a few questions to get to know him better. Here's what we found out. Enjoy! 1. As a graphic designer, where do you go for inspiration? I pull inspiration from everything I come in touch with. I flip through magazines just to look at the ads. I look at product packaging...
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event promotion

10 Big Ideas To Promote Your Big Event

By | Events

If your company or organization has a gathering coming up on the horizon, then you need to think about how you’re going to promote your big event to the public at large. It can certainly seem overwhelming, but you’ll feel better once you start making a plan of action. Of course, we’re happy to help you in all facets of your campaign, from putting together a media plan to doing the actual production of your event. In the meantime, we’ve put together ten fun ideas that will help you promote your function: 1. Invest in Paid Media At HS, we…

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A Visual Show Celebrating The SDSU Alumni Green

By | Events | No Comments
The South Dakota State University Foundation and Alumni Association recently completed their Alumni Green project, creating the first space on campus specifically for alumni to gather and reminisce, with both indoor and outdoor spaces for SDSU visitors to enjoy. An event of this magnitude required a proper celebratory kickoff, and HS was happy to step up and dazzle the over 1200 alumni, students, administrators and faculty that were in attendance with an unforgettable visual show. We were able to bring history to life, using a historic part of campus as an unorthodox projection canvas. The 165 foot tall Campanile –...
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GreatLIFE Challenge 2017

Public Relations for the GreatLIFE Challenge

By | In Other News
HenkinSchultz has had a hole lotta fun helping our friends with public relations at GreatLIFE when they hosted The Sioux Falls GreatLIFE Challenge stop on the Symetra Tour. A big event like this takes months of planning and preparation, and our team kept our eye on the ball as the date of the event grew closer. A Winning Course of Action We deliver public relations that’s up to par, and for this particular project we helped by designing the badges, tickets, program booklet, course signage, yardage booklet, print and digital ads, live scoring digital billboards, the trophy and winners check...
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Public Relations Tips

Public Relations Pro Tips

By | In Other News

If you’ve secured a date and venue for your organization’s big event, then it’s time to start setting up your public relations plan. If this is a new event, remember to start your outreach efforts early – especially if you’re looking for sponsorships. It’s also important to start getting your event on the radar screen of relevant players in the media and anyone you might want to have in your audience. A great public relations strategy generates interest and attendance – which is especially important to have for a first-time event. Prioritization Prioritization is important when planning a public relations…

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Increasing Awareness of Health Services Through Digital Marketing

By | Case Studies, Digital, Marketing
Overview Digital marketing has quickly become the largest medium for advertising and the most effective way to target potential customers. In fact, paid search, display advertising, social media advertising, online video advertising, and email marketing are expected to account for almost 50 percent of all advertising impressions in the United States by 2021. Knowing this trend, when HenkinSchultz was asked to partner with Midwest Digestive Health to increase awareness of its health services, the agency did so with a focus on digital marketing. Challenge Midwest Digestive Health, a division of Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital, focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and...
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Define your digital advertising success

Defining Digital Strategy Success

By | In Other News

Right now, your business probably has multiple initiatives in action to achieve a number of different goals. But what is the ultimate goal of your business? Are you looking for new business leads, more brand awareness, higher engagement or increased sales? Whatever your ultimate goal is, at HenkinSchultz we make sure your digital strategy is tailored to drive you towards that goal. If your goal is to increase engagement, then we can build upon your current metrics. We’ll create a strategy that takes small steps to grow your impressions with each piece of content and create a schedule using analytical…

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