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GreatLIFE Challenge 2017

Public Relations for the GreatLIFE Challenge

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HenkinSchultz has had a hole lotta fun helping our friends with public relations at GreatLIFE when they hosted The Sioux Falls GreatLIFE Challenge stop on the Symetra Tour. A big event like this takes months of planning and preparation, and our team kept our eye on the ball as the date of the event grew closer. A Winning Course of Action We deliver public relations that’s up to par, and for this particular project we helped by designing the badges, tickets, program booklet, course signage, yardage booklet, print and digital ads, live scoring digital billboards, the trophy and winners check...
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Public Relations Tips

Public Relations Pro Tips

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If you’ve secured a date and venue for your organization’s big event, then it’s time to start setting up your public relations plan. If this is a new event, remember to start your outreach efforts early – especially if you’re looking for sponsorships. It’s also important to start getting your event on the radar screen of relevant players in the media and anyone you might want to have in your audience. A great public relations strategy generates interest and attendance – which is especially important to have for a first-time event. Prioritization Prioritization is important when planning a public relations…

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Increasing Awareness of Health Services Through Digital Marketing

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Overview Digital marketing has quickly become the largest medium for advertising and the most effective way to target potential customers. In fact, paid search, display advertising, social media advertising, online video advertising, and email marketing are expected to account for almost 50 percent of all advertising impressions in the United States by 2021. Knowing this trend, when HenkinSchultz was asked to partner with Midwest Digestive Health to increase awareness of its health services, the agency did so with a focus on digital marketing. Challenge Midwest Digestive Health, a division of Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital, focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and...
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Define your digital advertising success

Defining Digital Strategy Success

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Right now, your business probably has multiple initiatives in action to achieve a number of different goals. But what is the ultimate goal of your business? Are you looking for new business leads, more brand awareness, higher engagement or increased sales? Whatever your ultimate goal is, at HenkinSchultz we make sure your digital strategy is tailored to drive you towards that goal. If your goal is to increase engagement, then we can build upon your current metrics. We’ll create a strategy that takes small steps to grow your impressions with each piece of content and create a schedule using analytical…

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339 Hours, 20 Marketing Wizards and 1 Summer Smackdown

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What I learned as an HS intern When I showed up to HS on my first day, I had no idea what to expect but was excited to challenge myself in the big white cube on the corner of 69th and Western. Waiting for me on my desk that day was a note that said, “Welcome to the team Lacey! Get ready for some serious creative-thinking-beer-drinking-crazy-partying time” which I think sums up my time at HS pretty well. Although I was a copywriting intern, I got to wear many hats this summer. Depending on the day, I helped set up…

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GreatLIFE offers expanded services

GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness PLUS

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GreatLIFE’s newest passion is “plus” – and when they came to us with all the new perks and benefits that were going to be available as part of their PLUS membership expansion, we developed a strategy to introduce it to their internal staff, members and the general public. Free movies + Canaries + rides, oh my! This line was featured on TV, radio, in-store point-of-purchase displays, flyers, web sliders, brochures, digital advertising, in-store videos, and a pocket-sized calendar that was distributed to members. We also created t-shirts featuring that line for employees to wear. We focused on those three new…

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Business people at a ribbon cutting for expanded services

Expanded Services Call for an Expanded Marketing Plan

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One of the most crucial decisions any business can face is how to go about expanding their service options. There’s a million decisions to make and a lot of moving pieces internally that need to be handled, but make sure you’re minding your marketing strategy as you plot your launch. The Soft Launch Some companies prefer a ‘soft launch’ – this is a slower rollout where a restricted market is able to preview the new product or service before it’s entirely launched to the general public. This can be an effective method if you want to A/B test the response…

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First Trust Company – A Seasoned Team Debuts a Fresh New Look

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After settling on their new name, First Trust Company asked HenkinSchultz for help in creating a bold new logo. We also refreshed their color palette with a look that spoke to how they’ve been an established presence in their field for years, but that was also an elegant, modern update. This process forced them to look not only at where they were in the marketplace, but who they are as a company. This led to the development of a brand narrative that put First Trust Company’s vision and values down on paper. “Before taking pen to paper or creating even…

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The Greatest Awards We’ve Ever Won are the Thank You Notes From Our Clients

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When you walk in the front door of HenkinSchultz you see some cool things – first off, the space is clearly home to a very creative group of people. Your senses are stimulated with music, a water feature, some whimsical lighting displays and a bunch of trophies from our award-winning work over the years. But the trophies aren’t the awards that we’re proudest of. Take a closer look at the trophy case and you’ll see our greatest achievements – the thank you notes that our wonderful clients have written to us over the years. HS President and co-founder Kirby Schultz…

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River Centre branch Vision & Values signage

Signage Completes the Look at New American Bank & Trust Branch

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When South Dakota’s American Bank & Trust announced they were opening up a second Sioux Falls location, HenkinSchultz and the HS Sign Shop were happy to help make the downtown flagship branch look special with some unique art and signage. Our designers and the HS Sign Shop created a frosted glass accent wall that spoke to AB&T’s vision and values – this is the focal point for their space. In addition to signage, they also wanted some distinctive art for their walls. HenkinSchultz, along with Sioux Falls photographer Tom Dempster, photographed and supplied AB&T with some memorable pieces. Another important…

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