Business branding through relationship building

Turning a Brand into a Bond

By | Campaign, Marketing

A great logo, consistent use of colors and cool signage are essential parts of creating a brand. These things will help customers recognize your business, and they’re certainly important. But you must ask yourself if those elements are part of a larger message from your company that’s creating a bond with your customers? Every element of your marketing – from your digital strategy to your mass media buys should work together to not just make people aware of your product or service, but to feel good about being a consumer of it. Effective digital and mass media campaigns need to…

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Parents Matter 2017

How Do You Stop a Parent’s Worst Nightmare?

By | Branding, Campaign

Prairie View Prevention Services endeavors to keep the public aware of national and local trends in drug and alcohol use and abuse. They’ve worked with HenkinSchultz on an important campaign targeting underage drinking and driving called “Parents Matter” – and this year was the 10th Anniversary. The theme for this year’s campaign was personally developed and overseen by HenkinSchultz President and co-founder Kirby Schultz. “Parents Worst Nightmare” is a simple, yet chilling spot that said a whole lot without words. Watch this powerful ad, which aired throughout South Dakota, to see for yourself. For the radio spots, our team interviewed…

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Performers at the SDSU Foundation Donor Celebration 2017

How Do You Make Your Event a Special Event?

By | Events

Our HS Sign Shop capabilities allow us to print distinctive large format graphics that will turn heads. It’s especially important if you have a large space you’re using for your event that you make the most of the area. Large format graphics, banners and signs give your event a memorable look. But it’s not just about capabilities – it’s about expertise. When preparing to set up your event, you need to have a team with experience working in large venues. The HS Sign Shop team was recently on-hand to help set up the South Dakota State University Foundation Donor Celebration…

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SDSU Donor Foundation

South Dakota State University Foundation Donor Celebration 2017

By | Events
HenkinSchultz was proud to once again help produce this year’s South Dakota State University Foundation Donor Celebration. While the gala takes place in one evening, the event is months in the making, with extensive planning and preparation necessary to make sure it all comes together without a hitch. HS President and co-founder Kirby Schultz personally conceived and oversaw the development of the theme for this year’s celebration – “Imagine” – and our design and production teams created invitations, programs, banners, staging, graphics and video components to carry through that message. Mr. Schultz, along with operations/large format division manager Jason Jellis,...
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Eric Van Beek applies a vehicle wrap

HenkinSchultz Expands Services with the HS Sign Shop

By | Service

HenkinSchultz is excited to announce that we’re expanding our services with the creation of the HS Sign Shop! HS Sign Shop specializes in the design, printing and installation of large format graphics, banners, signage, high performance vinyl, window, building & vehicle wraps and any of your digital printing needs. These new large format printing capabilities are the perfect compliment to our award-winning and well-established custom design services. We can design, print and install pieces that make your company, product or service larger than life. Did you know that by advertising on your vehicle, you can generate more than 600 visual…

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moving the masses

How Do You Move the Masses When the Masses are Moving?

By | Branding, Tradeshows

Trade shows can be a huge marketing opportunity and also a huge challenge. We encourage our clients to ‘think outside the booth’ when putting together a trade show action plan. You may only have a couple of seconds to grab the attention of a trade show attendee, so you need to make sure every part of the booth sends a consistent message about your brand. From the clothing your employees are wearing while working the booth, to the layout of the table and displays themselves, no detail is too small. It’s important to make sure that everyone and everything you…

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Joe Henkin

After 25 years, Joe Henkin Announces Retirement

By | Leadership, Staff

The HenkinSchultz Creative Services team wishes co-founder Joe Henkin the best in his coming retirement. Thank you for helping to create this amazing place to work and play every day and for everything you have done for us personally, as well as your service to the community. We’ll miss your quick-witted humor and expertise and your legacy will not be forgotten. Joe wanted to share this with our clients and friends: After 25 great years with Kirby Schultz and just turning 65, I have decided to retire from HenkinSchultz. Kirby and I had a big laugh most every day and…

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woman's face crying

Effective Marketing Appeals to our Emotions

By | Campaign, Copywriting, Television

This year’s Super Bowl ads featured an overarching theme that was more focused on emotion-driven storytelling than in previous years. When you’re paying $5 million for a thirty-second spot, you expect results. And emotional appeals deliver. From Budweiser’s controversial “Born The Hard Way” ad – the story of the founder of the brewery’s journey to America to pursue his dreams – to 84 Lumber’s “The Journey Begins,” emotional messages proved to spark social media interest and inspire traditional media coverage. Heartfelt spots that emphasize substance over style speak to why we care in the first place. A story with an…

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The art of marketing thank you cards

The Art of Marketing

By | Marketing

As artists, writers and creators, many of us grew up sketching or writing stories – lost in thought dreaming and scheming about all the things we could create. It is with this same playful daydreaming spirit that we arrive to work everyday. Our ambition is to turn the playful art we create into something that works for our clients. Art is subjective; marketing isn’t. Every project has a goal – a desired outcome. Commercial design is meant to reach that desired outcome. Knowing how to tell our client’s story is critical. But, most importantly, knowing why that story matters is…

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When was your last website checkup?

Your Website Needs a Checkup

By | SEO, Web Design

Unfortunately, you can’t just build it, walk away and go about your business. Websites change over time: new trends and new technologies come on the scene, keywords change, your rankings shift, links get broken, and plugins need updates. If you really do walk away from your website, by the time you return, it probably isn’t functioning as well as it could. We recommend giving your website a thorough health checkup at least once a year with a Search Engine Optimization “physicals.” Here are a few of the items we access when we do a website health check: 1. SERP (Search Engine…

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