About Us

Our building may look like a big beautiful white box on the outside, but inside it’s an inspired playground for talented creators dedicated to producing a steady stream of awesome. As a one-stop advertising agency and marketing company, we deliver solutions for all your spaces:

  • Print for your whitespace
  • Broadcast for your airspace
  • Digital for your webspace
  • Design for your workspace

We are a full-service creative think tank. HenkinSchultz develops ideas that transform brands. Those ideas have the power to grow businesses and tap into the emotion of entire communities.

HenkinSchultz Marketing

Creative Services

“You can’t think outside the box unless you know what’s in it.”

Advertising & Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Development & Strategy
  • Rebranding
  • Fundraising & Development
  • Research & Account Planning
  • Media Planning
  • Media Placement
  • Market Research
  • Customer Retention
  • Internal Brand Management
  • Outcome Measurement & ROI


  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Print Production
  • TV/Radio Production
  • Environmental & Interior Design
  • Photography
  • Original Music & Artwork
  • Event Production
  • Video Animation & Illustration
  • Large-format Digital Printing


  • Web Design
  • Web Strategy & Implementation
  • Content Creation & Management
  • Search/Display Advertising
  • User Experience Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Virtual Tours & Video
  • Analytics

Public Relations

  • Press Conferences
  • Press Releases
  • Media Kits
  • Event Planning
  • Staging

Our History

It started with a couple of creative guys, a couple of red beers and a big idea….

“8 am, September 30th, 1991, Joe Henkin and I met in his makeshift office above Zandbroz Variety Store. This was our first meeting as HenkinSchultz. I felt it appropriate to toast this first-ever event by sharing a red beer.” – Kirby Schultz, President & Co-Founder

Over the years, Joe and Kirby consistently hired thinkers – smart creative talent passionate about turning ideas into something that changes people. And about seeing clients succeed. No matter what his or her job title or particular skill, everybody on the HenkinSchultz team is a problem solver. Together, the designers, writers, developers, producers and account staff listen, think and create the best solution for our customers. It isn’t until an idea is solid that they start to pull all of the pieces together to make something awesome.

Maybe Joe and Kirby always knew that when you put together a great team committed to clients good things happen, but the lessons learned over the 27 years have helped keep the company strong, and have a positive impact for our clients every day.

We’ve learned that the why is more important than the how.

Talent tells you how, but experience tells you why.


Because we’ve been serving Sioux Falls and South Dakota for over 27 years, we know the regional market. In fact, we’ve helped to build it, working with many organizations throughout the area to develop and support their brands and their events. Our experience has helped us develop efficiencies that save our customers money and time. Our discovery process, for instance: It gets right to the heart of a marketing challenge and informs the solution.

Over the last 27 years we have had the pleasure of building relationships that help us get things done, and help us help our clients make beneficial connections.

And we’ve learned that every project is an opportunity to do something wonderful. According to Kirby, “We put our heart into every project, and that makes all the difference in the quality of the work we deliver.”

September 27, 2016 was another momentous day for HenkinSchultz, as 17-year HS veteran Becka Burger, 15-year HS veterans Jason Jellis and Joseph Schultz officially became partners, with greater ownership and responsibilities.

Becka Burger is in charge of account services and sales development. Jason Jellis is our operations manager and large format division manager. Joseph Schultz is manager of our audio/video department. Under their tremendous leadership we’ve experienced great growth in all of these areas.

In March of 2017, co-founder Joe Henkin announced his retirement. The HS team will always be grateful for the amazing, fun workplace environment he was instrumental in creating, as well as his business acumen, quick-witted humor and emphasis on service to the community. This is a legacy we are proud to carry forward every day.

In April of 2017, HenkinSchultz announced the launch of the HS Sign Shop, an expansion of services that will enable us to specialize in the design, printing and installation of large format graphics, banners, signage, high performance vinyl, window, building & vehicle wraps and any digital printing needs.

Over 27 years after our founding, the emphasis on finding the right thinkers for our clients still animates everything we do, as we build on this incredible foundation and prepare for a bright future.

Our People

The right people make a difference – to our clients, to each other and to the work we do.  Our staff is diverse, smart and represents different ages, attitudes, skills and experience levels. They’ve come from across the country and around the corner bringing their individual experiences with them. But together, they produce amazing creative solutions that make our clients successful – and happy.

Meet the Rest

Beyond Measure

For over 27 years, HenkinSchultz has been whipping up sweet and savory goodness, served with a heaping side of marketing excellence.  We’ve shaken and stirred, grilled and fried, chopped and layered.  Not all of our creations are prepared inside our building.  Download a copy of the HS recipe book where you will find some of our staff’s favorite culinary concoctions from our own kitchens.

HenkinSchultz Recipe Book