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There’s Marketing, There’s Advertising – and There’s Action

By June 18, 2024Marketing
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How to Make Sure Your Audience DOES Something

Lots of times we use the phrases marketing and advertising interchangeably. And while they are each complementary functions, they are different things. In this blog we’ll discuss each, and more importantly, how to use them both to make sure they lead your audience to do something!

Marketing as Your Big Picture

In short, you can consider marketing your big picture. Historically, marketing has been referenced as The 4 P’s: Price, Product, Place and Promotion, which are fairly self explanatory.

You could also expand those P’s to include People, Process and Proof. For example:

  • Do your people accurately and consistently reflect your business values in all interactions with customers?
  • Is your process standardized to the point where customers know what to expect and believe you will consistently deliver it?
  • And can you show proof in the form of testimonials, results, data and customer satisfaction?

Advertising as a Tool to Communicate

You could consider “advertising” is the outward extension of your marketing P: Promotion. In other words, it is often your paid-for or outward extension of communicating your business:

  • Traditional media: print, TV, radio, outdoor
  • Social and digital media
  • Paid search and SEO
  • Interior and exterior signage/promotion
  • And a variety of other paid-for opportunities: sponsorships, cross-promotions

These efforts may communicate a broader brand message or more focused special, service, event or product.

However you may consider your marketing and advertising, the often overlooked  aspect of both is What do we want our audience to do? What is our Call to Action?

Making a Powerful Call to Action – So You Can Sell

The best marketing plan, advertising creative executions and media investment can fall short without a strong Call to Action or CTA. It seems obvious, but a powerful CTA is central to your success and measuring your advertising efforts. Are you doing any of the following:

“Like us on Instagram”

“Call today for a free consultation”

“Schedule an appointment to learn more”

“Receive X% off by doing this”

“Visit us online at…”

“Sign up for latest news that can benefit you”

As any retail – or product sales driven business – you need to gather leads that turn into action, and ultimately conversions. This only happens when you successfully ask for those things – and have the marketing support structure to do so.

Doing Business – And Growing It

Sometimes, in any business, we are very busy conducting business to ask for it. Do you want to make a better ask for business? Measure it? Refine it? And connect your marketing investment to reporting, sales, new leads and greater adoption.

That’s a lot. But it’s completely doable. HS can help you do it.

Book a meeting today or email us at to see how.