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How You Can Achieve More in 2024

By February 6, 2024Marketing
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Last month, HS talked about defining your marketing goals for 2024. This month, we’re going to expand on that a bit and discuss some of the simple things you can do to make great marketing impressions – in addition to your media plan.

Every company has everyday touchpoints with customers. Are you making the most of yours? For example:

  • Are you consistently using the same logo on all of your materials?
  • Do your employees have good logo wear?
  • Are any vehicles in your business branded? Consistently car washed or detailed?
  • If you have an on-hold message, is it up to date, pleasant and informative?
  • Does the entrance to your office make a good first impression? With exterior signage? At the front desk?

These are just a few of things you should consider and pay attention to – to achieve more with the everyday impressions you are already making.

Organizing Your Marketing Budget

You likely do this at home – and certainly should do it at work. You know what your business is spending on payroll, product, maintenance and utilities. You need to develop a marketing budget and stick to it, too!

HS has highlighted how to help define your marketing plan. But it also takes a little discipline on your business’s end, too. Here’s a few tips to manage some of those hidden marketing expenses.

  • Know what you’re already investing.
  • Identify what you plan to invest.
  • Stick to your guns, but adjust when needed.
  • And know, you can’t say yes to everything.

That last part is important. As an agency that has helped countless local, regional and national businesses, we understand our clients are generous givers to their communities. That’s a good thing. Youth sports teams need uniforms. And nonprofits need donations. Set what your give for the year will be and consider changing up who you support from year to year.

Once your advertising is seen in the market, you will likely be called upon for everything from customized pens to inflatable attention-getters. Some of these items are appropriate, others are not. And it’s very easy to get caught up in those kinds of sales calls all day long.

Should you use HS to help with your marketing? Hint: We filter them for you. 

Overachieve Where You Can

Again, how can you extend your marketing beyond your current efforts? The answer lies in overachieving wherever you can:

  • In timeliness and in service
  • In customer interactions and disputes
  • In saying “thanks” for the business – and asking for it again
  • In making an experience so great, your current customers will be compelled to tell others about you

There are other specific ways to overachieve, too, especially in your media executions. That’s where HS can be especially helpful.

  • If a commercial doesn’t air for some reason, we go to work for you to get “make goods” at similar – and usually better – placements.
  • If a printing deadline or vendor delivery seems undoable, we use our network of partners to make it happen.
  • If a special opportunity arises, our media relationships often present it to us first.
  • And when that phone is ringing off the hook with salespeople, we help clear it for customers.

These are just a few things you can do to overachieve in 2024. Want to achieve even more and see how HS may help?

Schedule a meeting here and let’s talk.

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