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Even Santa May Need an Update

By December 19, 2023Branding

Even Santa May Need a Brand Refresh – What if He asked HS?

The earliest mention of the figure who would become Santa Claus dates back centuries. Today, he’s one of the most recognizable symbols in the world (hooray for brand equity) – but even Santa could use a marketing makeover after so many years.

It’s a fun question to consider what Santa’s relationship may look like with an agency. And while the jiggling bowl of jelly probably isn’t looking to revise his well-proven chimney-slide and cookie-consumption strategy anytime soon, let’s explore what an ad agency agreement with Santa and the North Pole may look like.

Let’s Tour the Workshop

We assume the North Pole and its workshop full of elves are enjoying the Christmas season and working to full jolly capacity. But as they say, “Don’t lie to Santa.” We want to know what’s worked nicely and what’s been kind of naughty.

And hey, we’re not looking to reinvent the sleigh here. We just want to know how the rutters are doing – and where we could improve the navigation. Plus, when Rudolph takes off a few well-earned PTO days, (which he’s totally entitled to), where can HS help fill in the flight plan?

Now About that Address…

“The North Pole” is a little vague, don’t you think? We know it’s full of child wonderment and timeless mystery, but people still need to find you. HS can help with that. Even if you’re delivering to the 2.3 billion households of the world, people want confirmation you exist.

We can make sure your location, Google information, search terms and searchability and all that stuff is neatly wrapped under the Christmas tree. And if you need some market research on how your product is delivering, we’ve got goodies for that, too.

Don’t Assume We’re Changing “Ho, Ho, Ho.”

Hey Santa, that’s worked pretty well for you throughout history. It’s your brand. We’re not here to suggest alternatives like:

“This slaps!”
“Vibe check?”
“Glow up, antler people.”

With our agency philosophy, HS doesn’t automatically come in and just change things to change things. But you know, if red and white trim ain’t exactly your best colors anymore, we’ll look at tasteful accents.

Click, Click, Click

If up on the rooftop goes “click, click, click”, we want to be sure your website and digital presence goes click, too. We combine digital and traditional media strategies to make any campaign the most wonderful time of the year.

So rest easy, Santa and team, HS is here for you. Our job is to help you shine brighter than you already do. And speaking of rooftops, we can do it all under one roof. We just politely request you don’t land on it.

Want to workshop some ideas on making Yuletide year round? Send your letters to hello@henkinschultz.com.

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