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Why Brand Voice and Storytelling Are Even More Important in the Age of AI

By October 26, 2023Copywriting

The robots are coming. The robots are already here. The robots are everywhere.

Artificial intelligence is quickly changing the game in marketing and communications as computer programs like Chat GPT become more adept at mimicking how human beings communicate. Like many software tools, AI can build convenience and efficiency into mundane, routine processes, but it also raises questions about our roles as marketing professionals as the tools we use literally evolve before our eyes.

For example, AI will alter how we create content and improve SEO for our clients while helping to highlight the things humans still do best, like build relationships. That’s why, in the age of AI, your brand voice is an even more essential tool than ever before.

AI Will Change How We Approach SEO

Ad agencies have increasingly embraced AI for content creation—and it’s no secret that doing so can increase efficiency and productivity. But as this revolution happens, Google is updating its algorithms. While they’re not specifically designed to detect and penalize AI content, the updates can have such an impact.

You should be aware.

Why? Google prizes quality when it comes to content—and the more any particular piece content aligns with its standards, the higher it ranks and the more likely it is that a user will encounter it.

AI programs are good, but they’re not yet great. Make sure that if you do choose to leverage programs like Chat GPT to draft your content that you still have a human being to review and optimize it for your audiences.

Failing to do that could result in substandard content, which could put your search rankings at risk.

When it Comes to Content, Brand Voice and Storytelling Are Still King

Human beings are story machines—and despite the rise of AI, no other entity on the planet does it better than we do. The stories we tell one another share experiences, create emotional solidarity and inspire trust.

If you’re doing right by your brand, the stories you tell in service to your organization’s mission will do more than deliver the facts—they’ll also move your audiences.

That’s why brand voice and storytelling are even more important in the age of AI. Human beings have spent thousands of years becoming hardwired to intuiting the subtleties of narratives and person-to-person interactions.

When it comes to building the kinds of relationships that build your brand, inspiring trust is essential. It also helps ensure you remain relevant in Google’s algorithm. So while AI can help you cut down on your drafting and research time, an organization’s brand voice (and the trust it inspires) must always remain central to your strategy.

Make sure to keep an eye on elements like:

  • Tone and particular language you use to describe yourself
  • Stories from your organization that build an emotional connection
  • Helpful links (both internal and external) that will build additional credibility with your audience

At HenkinSchultz, we like to say that the “why” of meeting a marketing challenge is as important (or even more so) than the “how.” By keeping the human element front and center in your toolbox, you can help ensure your efforts remain purpose-driven and at the top of Google’s rankings.

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