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HS – Breaking Ground, Literally

By October 4, 2023Leadership
HS Building History

For 32 years, HenkinSchultz has broken ground in advertising, marketing, design, video and so much more. But in the year 2000, they found themselves literally breaking ground on a state of the art building that would be the first major landmark in the area.

“People told us we were crazy,” said Kirby Schultz. “They said ‘what are you doing?’” But taking crazy chances has never been new to HS and their Crazy Obsessed team. The two story office was a design marvel that turned heads every time a rare vehicle drove by. Today it’s surrounded by thriving growth and development.

But like anything, there were obstacles along the way.

Trees and Grasslands

Kirby himself is a designer of all things, including his own home and surrounding landscaping. So it’s no surprise he was intimately involved in the design and construction of the HS building.

One of the appeals of the new construction was the mature trees surrounding the site. Kirby arrived on one of his multiple daily visits to the construction to find the prized trees cut down. While surprised and disappointed, Kirby made certain to preserve the surrounding native grasses that still exist today.

It’s one of the many unique traits sprinkled in and around the building, including:

  • Repurposed historical signage from around Sioux Falls
  • Customized wood and steel artistic partitions
  • Hand created lighting and ceiling fixtures
  • Clever art installations throughout the building

Built for Growth

Cool design and surrounding landscaping weren’t the only goals for HS as they built. Kirby and team made sure the building was built for growth. That meant not only big enough to accommodate a growing team, but vehicle access to a video and photography studio that now doubles as home to the HS Sign Shop.

The wide open “basement” space was designed to easily accommodate many of HS’s photo shoots and video projects. Today, that space is shared with the HS Sign Shop, where the busy crew designs, pulls up, loads up, takes off and installs daily.

Speaking of growth, is your business experiencing growth or looking for more of it? HS was built to help you. With our full service team of marketing expertise at the ready, call us at 605.331.2155 to find out how.

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