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Being the One Source

By September 28, 2023In Other News, Marketing
Being the One Source

HS has a set of core values that we live and work by, everyday. One of them is to “Be the One Source”. It not only speaks to “being the one” who is committed to helping clients. It also highlights that we’re not just one discipline or specialty. We are a source that has expertise across all communication deliverables.

Here’s five ways that makes a difference for our clients.

Five Ways a Full Service Agency Helps

Everyone wants expertise. That’s why we employ experts across all disciplines, from traditional media to digital media, research, strategy, social, public relations and account service. And while you as a client may not need every service offered, here are five ways a full service agency helps every client, no matter the size.

1. We’ve likely seen your challenge before.
Because our broad team works with many different industries, across all disciplines, we’ve likely seen a challenge similar to yours before. We listen, determine what is unique about your business or service and lean on each others’ experiences to develop solutions. More people under one roof means more depth of knowledge.

2. A proactive plan is more effective and cost efficient than a responsive one.
As a business which does any kind of marketing, you likely know that once your name is out there, every salesperson from personalized pens to little league sponsorships calls on you. Many of these opportunities are good things – others, may not be great fits. HS develops a comprehensive media plan to determine priorities, we vet new vendors and opportunities on your behalf, and we coordinate all marketing executions to work in tandem, maximizing your message’s impact and reducing inefficiencies.

3. Managing too many partners takes you away from your business.
One of the most obvious benefits of being the one source is the time we can deliver back to you. Managing multiple marketing services partners is extremely time consuming. And frankly, it can get messy with each marketing interest fighting for their piece of the pie, multiple invoices, multiple meetings and multiple calls. We’re neutral and unbiased in our decisions. Our plans consist of what is best for you and your customers. That provides some peace of mind, but it also provides valuable time to invest back into the business of running your business.

4. We compliment marketing directors, not replace them.
Many of our longest standing clients have small marketing teams of their own – and we value what those teams bring to your business. Our job is not to replace any of your expertise, but enhance it. For example, many marketing leaders also wear hats as fundraisers, event planners or managers of internal employee initiatives. These are valuable things we can assist with. But moreover, when a smaller team is stretched for time and resources, our job is to help them shine with a whole agency of resources at their disposal.

5. Depth of experience improves your future efforts.
As we mentioned earlier, our agency services are customized to what best reaches your customers. And when we’ve experienced how digital has performed, what response your radio achieved, or how many interactions you gained from an email outreach, that experience adds up. Having immediate access to how our efforts have performed across multiple channels, gives us immediate feedback on how to adjust and improve them for the future..

When you’re the One Source, many things are possible.

A final thought about a full service agency and one source core value: Because we’ve operated in this model since our beginnings 32 years ago, we rarely, if ever say, “We cannot do that.” That matters to us. But more importantly, it matters to you. It means no job is too big or too small. And that means many things are possible.

Do you want to see what is possible for your business? Or better understand the services that may fit your challenge? Call HS at 605.331.2155 or email us. That’s one call that can lead to many great things.

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