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HearSay with Jordan – Graphic Designer

By June 13, 2023Staff
HearSay with Jordan – Graphic Designer

To spend any time with talented HS designer Jordan Biehn is to recognize he is a man who primarily lets his work do the talking. And though of fewer words, this “stand up” guy took the time to expand on his many talents and interests.

When did you first consider a career in design?

I was a junior in high school and my baseball coach also taught our art class. I began drawing and he introduced me to Photoshop where I started designing posters and flyers for our school.

If you had a design superpower, what would it be? 

Endless curiosity.

Any designer knows what’s already come before as far as trends. In order to know what is going to come next, you need to be curious about the design world: constantly observing, researching, brainstorming and thinking creatively.

Curiosity applies to other things, too. With bow hunting, for example, I have been building my arrows and trying many different variations to find what works best for me.

You’re a pretty avid outdoorsman. Where does that come from? And what has been your favorite outdoor adventure?

I would say my love of the outdoors comes from my family and how I grew up. My favorite thing is going out to Western South Dakota and Idaho backpacking and chasing mule deer.

It typically involves hiking, hiking and more hiking. In Idaho, for example, we will put in eight-plus miles in the backcountry with camp gear and food on our backs for three or so days at a time.

You spend a lot of time looking through binoculars or spotting scopes searching for the right deer, just taking in the land and God’s country. It’s very humbling and a good time to reflect and escape from your phone.

As a wrestler and coach, what is the one wrestling move any good wrestler must master?

A “stand up” for sure.

A stand up scores one point when you escape your opponent to get back into the neutral position with both on your feet and the opportunity to score more points. Escapes are what win close matches.

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