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HS Website Roundup: From One-Page Designs to Big Development

By February 22, 2023Website Design
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We’re proud of every website we design. Each build has its own unique set of challenges and goals, giving us a chance to use our collective creative mindset to make something that’s both functional and beautiful.

Here are three of our recent projects, their challenges, and how we overcame those hurdles. Click on the title to see the website on your own browser or scroll through using our integrated iframe feature.

Aspen Lodge

Challenges: The best websites don’t have to be overly complicated to get the results you are looking for. Even one-page websites can give your business the professional and polished look that it deserves. The owners of Aspen Lodge, a beautiful vacation home nestled next to Terry Peak in the Black Hills, came to us looking to create a small website from the ground up that can easily link with their booking site.

Solution: Our team put their excellent domain name to good use by creating a website which allows people to learn more about the property and book a reservation through a third-party vendor. Creating a new site gives the owners better control over:

  • search engine optimization
  • high-resolution imagery
  • amenities lists
  • personalized messages to potential renters
  • contact/feedback forms for direct communication
  • integration with their booking system
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Delta Sleep Coaching

Challenges: Websites are crucial for startups. If you’re trying to establish a brand people can trust, you need a website that can address your audience’s concerns, wants and needs. Delta Sleep Coaching wanted to build rapport with its new audience by showing that cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia is an effective option for those who struggle with sleep. They tasked HS with accomplishing that.

Solution: After establishing a brand look, the HS team went to work on implementing a menu structure for the website that would organize essential information about the practice into an easy-to-grasp format. Furthermore, special attention was given to the color palette of the website—dark shades of blue are balanced with lighter hues to evoke the feeling of deep sleep and restfulness.

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Challenges: As a practice that’s expanding its service areas and locations, CNOS needed a website that was easy to navigate AND easy to update.

Solution: HS took their existing site, reorganized the menu structure, and moved it to a new CMS where we are able to help make updates on a moment’s notice. Our web designers also took the time to rejuvenate the site’s look with new photos, graphics and subtle animations.

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Why not make a new website for your brand?

If seeing new projects has you feeling a little left out, call the HS team to start discussing what a new website could look like for you.

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